Untamed Dice

*Currently on hiatus*

Welcome to the home page for our RPG podcast! Untamed Dice is, for the most part, an actual play podcast that features a number of games. Sometimes we don’t finish a game, for various reasons, but you’ll still find plenty of adventures from start to finish to enjoy. These might be new games, old games, or indie games you’ve never heard of but we’re here to share them with you. You’ll also find a couple of long term campaigns that we hope to continue for a long time! Finally, you’ll also find the Untamed Rant here, a monthly discussion on a variety of RPG topics voted on by our followers on Twitter.

You can find Untamed Dice on Pippa.ioiTunes, and more! Look for us on your favorite podcast provider. Can’t find us? Drop us an e-mail or leave a comment and we will see what we can do about getting set up on your provider!