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A Rant Through Wonderland 0

A Rant Through Wonderland

The latest Untamed Rant is out featuring Jabberwockies, Jub Jub Birds, and some discussion on the different versions of Wonderland out there. Catch it on your podcast provider or listen to the audio below!

Horror & Half-Breeds! 0

Horror & Half-Breeds!

Our latest Rant went live this week. In it we talk about horror at the table and some fun ways to use and create half-breed characters. If you haven’t listened to it yet you...

Klingons & Kobolds! 0

Klingons & Kobolds!

This special two topic Rant explores the kobolds and the klingons. One a sneaky, clever race of cavern dwellers. The other a space faring warrior people. We talk mek’leths and pit traps, we talk...

Untamed Rant #13 Is Here! 0

Untamed Rant #13 Is Here!

Earlier this week the 13th entry of the Untamed Rant was released! If you haven’t heard it you can listen below as we ramble on about faeries, tricks, Baba Yaga, and skip through a...

The Late Rant & A Quick Note 0

The Late Rant & A Quick Note

Let’s start with the Rant that should have went live a few days ago.     Okay, now that you can listen to that I want to throw up a couple of updates. First...

New Untamed Rant Is Here! 0

New Untamed Rant Is Here!

Sorry for the delay! Some personal stuff happened this weekend so things are a little out of whack. More coming this weekend with an update as to what to expect coming up! For now...