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Review: Trophy

Trophy is an incredible short-form rpg that embraces and depends on the hubris of treasure hunters to tell a story of terror and ultimate defeat than any fan of horror will enjoy.


Review Update: Power Outage

It took me far longer than I had intended to get this update out after receiving my hard copy of Power Outage, but here we are. If you want to know more about this...

Review: Akroydiesel Age 2

Review: Akroydiesel Age

Hello everyone, today I have a review of another RPG for you guys to check out. This one is of a genre I enjoy but do not find myself foraying into all the often....

Review: Mines, Claws, & Princesses 0

Review: Mines, Claws, & Princesses

Mines, Claws, & Princesses is an OSR / Classic D&D style adventure module that is compatible with 5E and I have many feelings. Okay, this is probably the hardest review for me to write...

Mini-Review: Small Wardens 0

Mini-Review: Small Wardens

Good afternoon everyone! Today I have another shorter review for you. This time we have another product by Orcs Unlimited called Small Wardens. I was really excited when I heard that they were working...

Mini-Review: Mirror 1-Page RPG 0

Mini-Review: Mirror 1-Page RPG

Hello everyone! Today I have another one page RPG to share with you. This time we are taking a quick look at Sandy Pug Games‘ Mirror. As a one page that has already been...

Review: Helheim Unbound 0

Review: Helheim Unbound

Good afternoon everyone! Or I guess it is evening by the time you are reading this….assuming you click the link today. Anyways, I have a review that I have been looking forward to sharing...

Resources For Every GM: Alternative Games Part 5 0

Resources For Every GM: Alternative Games Part 5

Today we have a set of games to try out at your table that aren’t D&D. If you are relatively new here, this is one of my resource topics simply because much of the...

Review: Awaken RPG 0

Review: Awaken RPG

Today, just a few days late, I have a review for an indie RPG that I had never heard of until the publishers decided to shoot me an e-mail. Awaken is a dark fantasy...

A Gamble With Technology 0

A Gamble With Technology

This weekend’s episode of Agents of Farsight see our friends trying to get away with a stolen truck, but still on the lookout for a way to rescue their fellow agents. Will the succeed...