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Worlds’ Anchor: Species Part 3

Today I have the final part of my preview for the residents of the City Above on the last Worlds’ Anchor! These guys have shown up in the recent expansion and growth of the...

More Faces Of The Nexus 0

More Faces Of The Nexus

This week picks up where last week left off and our friends continue meeting some of the local shop owners in the City Above!!

Faces Of The Nexus 0

Faces Of The Nexus

We continue our adventures through a home grown Savage Worlds campaign and setting with a shopping trip through the City Above. What new faces will our friends meet in the bustle of the district...

Chapter 2 Is Here! 0

Chapter 2 Is Here!

After a month of waiting we finally are back with more episodes of Agents of Farsight! Listen to the first episode of Chapter 2: A Call From Home below!!!

Final Two Episodes Of Chapter 1 0

Final Two Episodes Of Chapter 1

The end of Chapter 1: Of Robots & Zombies for Agents of Farsight is finally out! You can listen to them below or you can listen to them on your favorite podcast provider. Next...