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Review: Trophy

Trophy is an incredible short-form rpg that embraces and depends on the hubris of treasure hunters to tell a story of terror and ultimate defeat than any fan of horror will enjoy.

Faces Of The Nexus 0

Faces Of The Nexus

We continue our adventures through a home grown Savage Worlds campaign and setting with a shopping trip through the City Above. What new faces will our friends meet in the bustle of the district...

Review: Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos 0

Review: Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos

Hey everyone! Before we get into today’s review I wanted to talk about reviews moving forward for a little while. I have them lined up for the next couple weeks with the last one...

Libris Monstrum #35: Kuo-toa Revisited 0

Libris Monstrum #35: Kuo-toa Revisited

Last time we visited the kuo-toa we talked about their changing existence throughout the history of D&D and their relationship to cosmic horror literature. Because they are D&D IP, other games must find or...

Resources For Every GM: Characters Part 4 / Horror Part 6 0

Resources For Every GM: Characters Part 4 / Horror Part 6

Hello everyone! Today I have another double topic featuring three characters from classic horror movies that would make interesting monsters or villains for your campaign! Freddy Krueger Freddy comes from the Nightmare on Elm...

Making Magic Eldritch! 0

Making Magic Eldritch!

Hello everyone! This week I released Lovecraftian Spells, a 5E supplement focusing on adding some cosmic horror to your spell lists. It has almost 30 new spells, guidelines for reskinning spells for your own...

RPG Blog Carnival: Fear Of The Known 2

RPG Blog Carnival: Fear Of The Known

Please don’t read this if you don’t deal well with fears especially spiders and descriptions of reaching into a box containing a mystery. What do you fear? Some of us (me) are afraid of...