Navigating this site is intended to be as simple as possible with emphasis on categorization and automatically displaying group of posts on individual pages. There is no guarantee that old page or posts will be accessible by archive pages or remain a part of the site. Where appropriate (such as the front page) posts will contain color coded category tags as described below.

Purple tags are intended to describe the type of post being made such as reviews, updates, or new products. This will generally be used in place of the blue tag to categorize releases that are consistant but not serialized.

Pink tags will be used to describe the genre that the article leans towards such as fantasy, sci-fi, or horror. This will often be obvious by the game, but is intended to aid those looking to, for example, avoid getting any sci-fi in their Dungeons & Dragons.

Blue tags are used for specific articles that currently (or have in the past) run as a series. This includes things like the Libris Monstrum or the Reskinning series.

Green tags are used when a specific setting is described or used by the post or page. These indicate a base assumption about how the post or page fits into the narrative. Examples include the Star Wars universe, the Forgotten Realms, or my own Tales To Inspire universe.

Orange tags indicate a more precise topic for the post including whether it talks about rules, flavor, adversaries, NPCs, or spells. This is intended to help indicate what you can expect from a post no matter what series or game it might be attached to.

Red tags will describe the system of rules assumed to be used by the post such as D&D, Call of Cthulhu, or the Cypher System. Many posts and pages may be geared towards a specific system but useful in others.