From Worlds Anchor

From Worlds Anchor is a campaign that has been in the works for years. Sort of anyways. Through multiple campaigns taking place with Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, Cypher, and more this setting has built itself in my mind with no small contribution from all the players over the years. Today it has begun to filter out into something connected and defined, something to ground all kinds of games in but with enough wiggle room to build your own places on Idhomlya and beyond. Join me here for regular updates featuring information about this setting and if you want to learn more become a Patron and get access to drafts of species stats and more! You can also check out some of the initial work-ups to this series here.


The main world that From Worlds Anchor is built from and exists in, Idhomlya is a high fantasy setting of magic, demons, and cosmic horrors. It is here where we can begin our explorations.




Dragon Song Empire

Planar Primers

Monster Primers