From Worlds’ Anchor

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From Worlds’ Anchor is the accumulated work of a 3 year Pathfinder campaign, 2 different Savage Worlds podcasts, 3 years of D&D campaign, and lots of background work. Everything I have learned in running these games and working on these worlds has come to this. As of right now (September 2018) there are dozens of pages and hundreds of notes about this setting but we are just getting started. From Worlds’ Anchor has a foundation and a direction, but it is going to take some time to develop. In that regard I have begun working out certain details and sharing them. Here you will be able to find all the previous posts and pages that feature information about the setting. From working through big picture theory to fluff entries to some rules drafts, you will find the archive here. The higher up on the list, the older it is. All that being said I have a goal to develop the base lore of this setting first and, from there, build out rules. Long term, I hope to develop rules for D&D, Savage Worlds, and Cypher System. Until such a time as things are released join me on this adventure and, if you like what you see, help us out by joining us on Patreon!


The 27 Realms

Species In The City Above