Welcome to Cobalt Dawn Medical Cybernetics, Inc.
August 5, 2043 7:02 am

Username: cbradley
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Good morning Doctor Bradley.

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Another week, another intern. They seem to drop like flies, but what we are working with isn’t simple biology or basic HTML. This is hard organism-machine interfacing and neural encryption/decryption cycling. Only those who grasp what we are doing will stay long enough to earn a job. We shall see how Jacob does in observation over the coming week. At least it will be a laid back couple days for me and all he needs to do is switch feeds when I tell him.

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TS-0046: Hello? Is this thing on? I hope you can hear me, I never know if it’s working. You really should have included…oh there is an indicator. Nevermind. Anyway, recording as requested. It, uh, well it has been a while since I have recorded. Sorry about that. You probably got plenty from the others, right? I hope so, I am only recording this because I got the letters. They seemed insistent, but I’m doing fine. No problems with the new body, no loss of memory. Nothing. Just like I said in the first dozen or so. I kind of gave up updating after that. I know, I know I was supposed to, but what’s the point. I don’t have anything to report. Everything is fine. Well, great now that I don’t have cancer, but that’s thanks to you. Look I’ll try to send you the reports more often, okay? Ummm, that’s it I guess…


Subject appears to be apathetic to the work we are doing, though thankful. This is the fourth time record keeping has shown a decline in successful patients. Difficult to determine if problems actually arise. Perhaps observation of unique circumstance or troubled subject is necessary. The boys upstairs should look for more, but they just assign voice number and analyze apparent stress levels. Probably don’t listen to most of them, just run them through the Vocal Analyzer and number them. Let’s see what they have in queue.


TS-0093: I don’t know what I am doing anymore. Henry…no Hank. He liked it when I called him Hank. Even though he pretended to hate it. I think. It’s hard to tell. I don’t remember much. The memories slip away. Hank told me I had to tell you. He said you would want to know. I wanted him to, but he said he couldn’t describe how I felt. Which is true, I guess, but neither can I. It’s all slipping away. He seems angry. Said I was supposed to weeks ago. I think I forgot. But I am not sure. What was it that I even forgot. It cannot be that important if I forgot twice can it? Maybe I should begin recording my thoughts incase I forget….


Well that was one of the more depressing ones. Forgetting some stuff appears to be a normal outcome of the transference. Not all data transfer can be perfect now can it? But generally the new body compensates and fills in the gaps. Sometimes it takes time. This is the first one where memory was obviously fleeting. Fleeing even. Perhaps rejection? We should look for program anomalies first. One more analysis and I think we will stop for the day. First days are always rough on the new interns and this next one will be especially interesting. Footnote says it includes emergency transfer to temporary body.

Note: Jacob is questioning the audio, as the observant ones always do. He wants to know why they all sound the same. As always the prepared answer seems to placate him: anonymity for the subject. He believes this and respects it. Because, to him, we are listening to someone’s personal diary.


TS-0128-Prime: Shit, shit. Atlas I know, I am trying! Why won’t you just shut off the bloody klaxons you pile of scrap microchips! I hope you can hear this over the alarms. The station is flooding and I don’t have much time. Atlas is recording this incase anything happens. Maybe you can recover me if there is a problem or fix me or transfer me or whatever. I keep the extra temp in an escape pod, all hooked up. Just in case. Like you suggested. Transference will have to be fast. What? No! Go! Get out, now! Sorry, the others aren’t equipped for it. Not sure who is luckier. They don’t have to deal with the worry of being the one to make sure they all jettison. I’m the one who has to sit here and wait, drawing straws wasn’t an option. With transference I was the only real choice. They didn’t live with cancer for five years either. Well, if this works perhaps your company can equip healthy people. You know, for these situations. Safety procedures. Ok, I’ve plugged in. Transfer better not hurt. Don’t remember much from the last time, but then I was on death’s doorstep wasn’t I? Initializing.

TS-0128-Secondary: Mother fff….ow that hurt. Wait where am I? It’s dark. Atlas, light! Lights damnit! Oh, god. It worked, I’m in the escape pod. Heading for the surface. This temp feels funny. I can’t wait to get back into a real body.

TS-0128-Prime: Mother fff….ow that hurt. Wait where am I? It’s dark. Atlas, light! Lights damnit! Oh, god. It didn’t work!? No, no, no, no. Atlas what happened!? Is it broken? Well is there time to transfer still? What do you mean transfer complete!? Successful, it was damn not, I am sitting right here! Wait, wait, wait. Copy? What do you mean copy? It’s called transference….I though it just … moved me over…..No, no, no. I am the only me…..

TS-0128-Secondary: Wait. There’s a life form still over there. But how? Wait, Atlas, the signature….that’s….



Well, I sent Jacob home. He was horrified. He wasn’t ready. Not all of them ever are. We may have to wipe his memory of the day. There should have been a note from the audio guys about two of them. We can’t just have every newbie and intern listening to a pair of test subjects. They don’t understand the obstacles of transference and how this has to happen. Tomorrow I will talk with Jacob. Either way, by end of day the problem of him will be solved. Today, I have some audio techs to discipline.


Welcome to Cobalt Dawn Medical Cybernetics, Inc.
August 5, 2043 11:24 pm

Username: cbradley
Password: *********


Username: cbradley
Password: *********


Good evening Doctor Bradley.



\Robert Bishop
\Jennifer Fowler
\Jerry Corbin
\Tess Sinclair

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TS-0001: This is incredible! Thank you so much, for everything. You have nothing to worry about with the records. I will tell you all the problems, well not that you said there would be any. But if there are. Or if there aren’t. To not have cancer! To be alive! Of course medical observation will be necessary. If you could do this for more people! All I need to do is tell you how I feel and let you save my file? Of course, you can! If something went wrong you could fix me with it, right?

DR. BRADLEY: Of course we could. You and your file will be a great step forward in making this program work. Now why don’t you let my associate here see you out. Fill out the paperwork and take the audio recorder with you. Don’t forget!

TS-0001: Of course not! Thank you again Dr. Bradley.

DR. BRADLEY: Now, remember to keep a close eye on her. The other subjects degenerated rather quickly and we need to perfect this. We only get two attempts before the original dies. Keep her alive as long as you can. And sedated, I don’t want to have to answer what went wrong again. And set up a dozen of the programs. Testing PSYCHE is the best way to get more data, to see where programing is going wrong. There aren’t enough people willing to sign up, and too many questions when a new body fails. If we can…












Tess Sinclair: Are you the only you?