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Where Are We Going?? 0

Where Are We Going??

The short answer: no where, of course!! As you know 2018 has had a bumpy start. First I made one of my fingers useless for a while. Then there was a hurricane. Next was...

Tendons, Hurricanes, & Blizzards Updates 0

Tendons, Hurricanes, & Blizzards Updates

Good evening everyone! What a month and a half it has been. As you know by now I cut a tendon in my finger just over a month ago and it set me back...

Blog Post Delay 0

Blog Post Delay

For those of you following me on social media you know that I spent yesterday in the hospital. Not to worry! It isn’t major, not in the grand scheme of things, at least, I...

An Early 2018 Update! 0

An Early 2018 Update!

It has been a while since I have done a real update here on the blog, so I thought I would take a few moments to share what has been going on with me...

A Quick Note To Start 2018 0

A Quick Note To Start 2018

Happy New Year everyone!! I was hoping to have two articles out by now, but with Christmas and New Years both falling on the cap of a weekend…well, things have been pretty crazy. To...

The Late Rant & A Quick Note 0

The Late Rant & A Quick Note

Let’s start with the Rant that should have went live a few days ago.     Okay, now that you can listen to that I want to throw up a couple of updates. First...

Update On Coming Articles & Podcast Episodes & Giveaway! 0

Update On Coming Articles & Podcast Episodes & Giveaway!

Okay let’s start with an apology for the podcast not coming out today like it was supposed to. Things were giving me a hard time for everything related to Untamed Dice. Because of my...

Stuff Incoming!!! 0

Stuff Incoming!!!

So it has been a quiet weekend I know, but there are updates coming later today and a big set of additions to the calendar. Should have podcast stuff too! Stay tuned!

Site Tidying, Audio Editing, Getting To It 0

Site Tidying, Audio Editing, Getting To It

Hey everyone, just a quick update. Things are not happening quite when I want them to this week. Part of that is me spreading out the work and part of it is mixing it...

Post-Insanity Update 0

Post-Insanity Update

I should start by clarifying…the insanity never really ends. Does it? Anyway, I have a better semblance of a plan right now. My job is secure for an extra 10 days or so and...