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New Luxarrah With Nightmare Butterflies! 0

New Luxarrah With Nightmare Butterflies!

Hey everyone! In case you missed it this afternoon the new episode of Luxarrah is out and we have more nightmares from the forest coming your way!  

Sins Episode 2 Is Here!! 0

Sins Episode 2 Is Here!!

Here it is the second part of our Sins preview game. You still have ~3 days left to get in on the Kickstarter! You can also check out my review of the system here....

New Untamed Rant Is Here! 0

New Untamed Rant Is Here!

Sorry for the delay! Some personal stuff happened this weekend so things are a little out of whack. More coming this weekend with an update as to what to expect coming up! For now...

Sins – Who Is Hiring Who?? 0

Sins – Who Is Hiring Who??

Today we start the run of Sins episodes! To check out Sins head over to this page here, the Kickstarter is almost 4 times the goal and still going. If our play or my...

Luxarrah – Nightmare Sprites! 0

Luxarrah – Nightmare Sprites!

Today our party learns that nightmares are real… Stay tuned for another episode of Untamed Dice Sunday featuring the review game for Sins!

Good Time To Start Luxarrah! 0

Good Time To Start Luxarrah!

Today is the release of the latest episode of our Luxarrah campaign. It has been a while since the last episode, but today’s includes some recap. Enough so that it isn’t just great for...

Let’s Talk About Mindflayers! 0

Let’s Talk About Mindflayers!

Here is the latest Untamed Rant, now available to everyone! Stay tuned for the next one which features golems!!

Splinter One Shot Finale! 0

Splinter One Shot Finale!

Hey everyone I finally was able to get the finale for Splinter intro’d properly and upload it! Check it out and if you enjoyed Splinter and want to see more Indie Games tried out,...

Splinter Episode 2! 0

Splinter Episode 2!

Welcome back to Splinter! Join our group as they try to pick their way through the dungeons they have been dropped into and encounter all kinds of dangers along the way!