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Quick update! 0

Quick update!

Hello everyone, I hope your weekends have been well! Friday night we got in another session of Luxarrah, adding even more to our folder of audio to give to you all. Tomorrow night patrons...

Libris Monstrum #10: Oozes 0

Libris Monstrum #10: Oozes

We have made it to the 10th installment of the Libris Monstrum! Thank you everyone for your comments and votes with regards to the various monsters, both discussed and left behind. As a reminder,...

Libris Monstrum #9: Vampires 1

Libris Monstrum #9: Vampires

Good evening everyone! The Libris Monstrum has not come out for almost a month now (I think) and the main reason is because i wasn’t sure which monster I wanted to write about. You...

Libris Monstrum #8: Slaadi 0

Libris Monstrum #8: Slaadi

Here we are in the 4th vote-decided entry into Libris Monstrum and that means one more of my choosing and one of your before I go back and take a second look at the...

Libris Monstrum #7: Rats 0

Libris Monstrum #7: Rats

Rats! The bane of, well, a pretty small number of adventures probably. They are creatures common to low level adventures, but I have never seen anyone taken down by a rat before. Of any...

Libris Monstrum #6: Kaiju 0

Libris Monstrum #6: Kaiju

The day is calm, peaceful. Not a single sign of anything bad. No demons, no thugs, no undead….nothing. Until a roar unlike anything, including those dragons you fought, could compare to. The ground shakes...

A Look Back At City of Heroes & Why I Love Games 2

A Look Back At City of Heroes & Why I Love Games

Do you know the exact moment you fell in love with D&D? I do, but this isn’t about that. This is about looking back to an inexact moment, maybe a group of moments. An...

Libris Monstrum #5: Rakshasa 0

Libris Monstrum #5: Rakshasa

Not all of the classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters are strange aberrant creatures, nor are they simply demons, dragons, and the like. Some have stuck around and made a name for themselves after being...

Libris Monstrum #4: Will-O’-Wisp 1

Libris Monstrum #4: Will-O’-Wisp

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay but yesterday was, frankly, a bit meh. Today I have for you the 4th installment of the Libris Monstrum, as voted by you. While I would love to...

Under Construction 0

Under Construction

If you have found yourself here, thank you for coming but the site is under construction. For the old site and everything on it head over to