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A green-blue gradient colored floating astronaut backlit by light in the center of some large science fiction structure.

Review: The Wretched (Part 1)

The Wretched is a solo journaling game that exemplifies the survival sci-fi movie’s ability to instill fear, dread, and isolation. When I saw that Chris Bissette was Kickstarting a reprint of something inspired by the likes of Event Horizon, Aliens, and the music of John...

Lower half of a stylized deer logo for Trophy above a white tree line on a dark violet background.

Review: Trophy

Trophy is an incredible short-form rpg that embraces and depends on the hubris of treasure hunters to tell a story of terror and ultimate defeat than any fan of horror will enjoy.

Review: San Jenaro Games Digest Volume 1

Hello friends! Today I bring you something a little different and very cool. A while back Dyer Rose aka Basilisk Online reached out to me about the San Jenaro Co-Op. I had intended to learn about this, talk to them, and do a special article...

Review Update: Power Outage

It took me far longer than I had intended to get this update out after receiving my hard copy of Power Outage, but here we are. If you want to know more about this game, and my thoughts on it, you can check out my...

Review: Akroydiesel Age

Review: Akroydiesel Age

Hello everyone, today I have a review of another RPG for you guys to check out. This one is of a genre I enjoy but do not find myself foraying into all the often. Akroydiesel Age is a dieselpunk RPG by Leland Andercheck using a...