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Review: Trophy

Trophy is an incredible short-form rpg that embraces and depends on the hubris of treasure hunters to tell a story of terror and ultimate defeat than any fan of horror will enjoy.


Review: Your Best Game Ever

Just a couple weeks ago I received the first of my rewards for backing Monte Cook Games’ Best Game Ever Kickstarter. This was the titular Your Best Game Ever book, which is available right...


Review: San Jenaro Games Digest Volume 1

Hello friends! Today I bring you something a little different and very cool. A while back Dyer Rose aka Basilisk Online reached out to me about the San Jenaro Co-Op. I had intended to...


Review Update: Power Outage

It took me far longer than I had intended to get this update out after receiving my hard copy of Power Outage, but here we are. If you want to know more about this...

Review: Akroydiesel Age 2

Review: Akroydiesel Age

Hello everyone, today I have a review of another RPG for you guys to check out. This one is of a genre I enjoy but do not find myself foraying into all the often....

Review: Whispers From The Void 0

Review: Whispers From The Void

Hello all, today I have an adventure review from a publisher whose work I have looked at before (and really love!). The adventure Whispers from the Void is one which you can get for...

Review: Mines, Claws, & Princesses 0

Review: Mines, Claws, & Princesses

Mines, Claws, & Princesses is an OSR / Classic D&D style adventure module that is compatible with 5E and I have many feelings. Okay, this is probably the hardest review for me to write...