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Psychopomps 0


In this months episode we talk about valkyrie and psychopomps. It’s not our best episode but we go over some of the cool creatures associated with the line between life and death.

Libris Monstrum #35: Kuo-toa Revisited 0

Libris Monstrum #35: Kuo-toa Revisited

Last time we visited the kuo-toa we talked about their changing existence throughout the history of D&D and their relationship to cosmic horror literature. Because they are D&D IP, other games must find or...

Libris Monstrum 34: Oni Revisited 0

Libris Monstrum 34: Oni Revisited

Hello everyone! A while back we delved into the lore behind the oni, a spirtual / demonic group of mythical beings stemming from Asian mythologies. Today we are going to continue that look at...

Libris Monstrum #33: Genies Revisited 2

Libris Monstrum #33: Genies Revisited

Good evening everyone (or at least it’s evening right now). This article is a little late, as in: I’ve decided to delay the whole week by a day because I’ve been in a blarg...