WDD #2 (4/27/2017): Where Are Things?

Let’s talk adventures. I have had a number of ideas for encounters, monsters, and “quests” for my parties over the years. Some I have managed to use and others I have not. Since I started doing the podcast and the blog, just generally playing more, I have managed to use more of them. Of course that just means I come up with all the more, but that’s OK because I want to start pushing out my publishing boundaries a bit and get more out there. And yes I know I already have so many things I still haven’t got out. That’s why we’re here now.

Spells of Old and Class Archetypes

These are the things I have been promising the internet for a while now. It’s not that I haven’t worked on them but that they’re a little more aside for me. Nevertheless I have been working on getting more of them out. Over the past month I have been reformatting and re-editing all of the supplements I have already put on the DMs Guild. That was step one. I wanted to have a format I was happier with.

Now I am moving forward with the release of more. First, and I hope to have it beginning next week, will be a PWYW trinket supplement that ISN’T going to be DMG, but instead will be on DriveThru RPG. This weekend alongside finishing up that, I will be moving on to finalizing Spells of Old Volume 4 AND collecting all 4 into one supplement. From there I  be planning the next 4 Spells of Old to work on.

As for warlock patrons, they might be on the back burner for a while.

Getting To Adventures

Now part of everything I have been working on generates scenarios, stories, and encounters. As I said above some of this gets shunted into my campaigns. Other bits are used in Secret Project. A handful I have been diverting into something else so I can actually use or share them. Mostly, this consists of notes and ideas written in the pages of my notebook. It also includes my thought process shifting towards shaping them in a releasable form for DriveThru RPG. I have three ideas at the moment and one that I am working towards being the first release.

Now these adventures aren’t going to be adventures quite as such. There will be hooks, of course, but I am not looking to do a story with it. It’s more of a scenario, but larger than a single encounter. I have been calling them modules in my head, and kind of think of them as a dungeon or raid from an MMO. It can be woven into a story but doesn’t have to be. I want them to be entities to explore unto themselves with groups telling their own story. The adventure will come in how you discover/explore/escape from the scenarios. My goal is to make them large enough to have some time taken in them over multiple sessions but singular enough that you could throw out some and one shot them if you like. Of course how much time you end up spending in there would be up to you and I won’t be trying to streamline them specifically for one shot use.

What About Those Other Things??

Well Secret Project is boiling to a point when I can share a lot so just wait on that one. As for my homebrew class and game? Both of those are starting their first play test drafts. Patrons will hopefully get them at the end of next week and then I’ll be looking for other folks to go through them. So keep an eye out.

Hopefully by next Wandering Dev I will have deeper details to share. If you’re looking forward to more info on a specific project let me know! Or if you are interested in helping look at playtests shoot me an e-mail.