WDD #1 (4/14/2017): Current Projects

I have mentioned again and again that various projects have been in the works and some of these have delayed one thing or the other. Now, I want to start sharing specifics and why things are time consuming or what has happened. Thus, I am starting the Wandering Dev Diary series. This first one is going to be a basic rundown to let you know what I am working on and where we are at. Then as things begin developing I will be able to share with you big weekend pumps in productivity, release previews, and announce things. Let’s start!

Homebrew Worlds

These are nothing new for the blog. However, I am changing the way I present them. I have mentioned this before but, I need to be developing a go to resource for myself. I need something I can grab off the shelf and look up. As good as my memory is I cannot remember all of the crazy details I come up with or add to these worlds. It will also help for Brave New Worlds (which is on its way back!). Part of that resource will end up here, and has already started showing up with the Realm of Glass page. These will include brief highlights of the worlds and the important aspects of them too me. This includes a little as-seen-by-Farsight look into the world. I am hoping to make these interesting sources for listeners to our games to get an overview and eventually more detailed information.

My binder will have a lot more info, but much of that will be edited as we play or as I plan games. It is important to me to keep the details a mystery and surprise for the players and listeners alike. No spoilers! But not to worry, I am hoping to begin working that into releases I can do in PDF form if anyone is interested in enough information on playing in these worlds. How that plays out will depend on my ideas, play schedule, and workload of other projects. Suffice it to say, this is an ongoing project we will revisit from time to time but not one of the “major” ones.

Horror Board Game

This is a project I am super excited about. A friend and I are working on developing a cooperative horror board game. I would love to divulge all kinds of details, but I can’t yet. Not till we are deeper into production. I can tell you a couple though. In it you will play one of multiple cliche female figures of a horror movie, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the difficulty you wish to play at you will fight a cliche horror villain/monster/murderer. We want it to be you versus the movie and you will probably die. Unlike a lot of other co-op games one player dying will not mean starting over. Details aren’t hammered out but part of the difficulty increase as the game moves forward will be extra actions by the game taken by the killed players. There will be benefits to sticking together, splitting up, and going it alone, but each will have its problems as well.

We have characters nailed down for this game, as well as board locations (aka map). We have figured out a basic idea of how things will play out and how our dice system will work. Including the math involved. Let me tell you that was a long afternoon of running some numbers, but hopefully changes to the system will involve non-running-more-numbers tweaks. We have card breakdowns and numbers. We even have some pieces, dice, and blank cards from which to begin testing. However, the semester has been busy and my partner in crime has just gotten a new job, so things are a little on pause. Hopefully in a couple weeks we can get some work done and I can have a whole entry devoted to that!

Secret Project

This project is much farther along, but saw some delay this month. Another of my friends, with whom I am working on this project with, has gotten a new job. Curses! That’s alright though. This weekend we are trying to figure out a new schedule of thing that need to be done, and lucky for you part of that will include beginning to discuss specifics. For now, I can tell you it involves a variety of encounters for table-top role playing games. They are, generally, combat based (for now), but will hopefully be properly system agnostic. There are lots of problems with this and it has taken some working through, because we also want this to be easy on the GM. In all likelihood, I will do a whole entry on how this worked out. We are really excited about it and even plan on doing some run the numbers examples for a couple games, as well as a “guide” PDF to break down how we present things. Of course a large percentage of any given encounter is the ideas, the fluff. In the end I think people will enjoy what we have and feedback will help direct us on how best to alter things with each additional release.

Cowboy Cop

OK, so I may have let the Cowboy Cop slip once or twice because it has taken me so long to get back to working on it. The idea was to final get a release out that wasn’t directly DMs Guild material. Aka: spell updates or class archetypes. This is meant to be my first foray outside of the DMG and a whole class unto itself. In fact we got a little far along, but I never found time to put it to a testable document. That time is coming to a close though and I hope to have the testable document next month. When that time comes I will have the PDF here for you to check out and cannot wait to hear what you think!

I could go on and on about these things, but some of it must wait. I am going to do my best to get an entry out to you every other week or so. That also means making sure I have worked hard on projects in that time. So, I look forward to diving deeper into one of these project in a couple weeks and I have a pretty good idea which it will be!