Wandering Dev Diary

The Wandering Dev Diary is a sporadic series that I use to get out my thoughts. It generally includes my thought processes and ideas about what I am working on. To start the is a lot about why I do this, the act of working on this site, and the goals that are developing. As things advance entries will become more about actual RPG development. This might be conversions, adventure writing, creating PDFs, or making rules. These will be, by far, the MOST stream of conscious articles on Notes of the Wandering Alchemist because I am just getting my thoughts out on the virtual page and sharing them with you.

#1 (4/14/2017): Current Projects

#2 (4/27/2017): Where Are Things?

#3 (5/18/2017): SCP Adventure Foundation

#4 (7/18/2017): Making The Most Of Time

#5 (8/16/2017): Keeping A Website

#6 (10/23/2017): Savage Worlds Arcane Backgrounds