New Years Resource Special 2015-2016

Happy New Year everybody!  Today I have another special Resources for you, in which I promised six items.  However, to celebrate the fact that the blog has survived six months now I will instead provide six extra items for a grand total of nine!  Granted, this is not a normal resources article.  While all of them are games I suggest you guys check out, this post is more about things to come.  I am going to have three games I have played and want to run again, three I own but have not yet played, and three games I want to get and play.  Each of these is a table top RPG and each of them represents one my New Year’s resolutions as the Wandering Alchemist.  It is my hope and goal to play a one-shot or short arc with each of these systems, include as many of them in the Brave New Worlds podcast as I can, and throw up some reviews here!  Of course, this means I must get started right away, but the wheels are turning!

Play Again

Star Wars (Fantasy Flight Games):  This is one of my favorite versions of Star Wars table top.  Some people dislike the mechanics and others home rule some uses of rolls to make successes less uncommon.  Personally I have never run a game with problems where we have to trudge through many rolls to hit a success.  Perhaps it’s just the way we run the game, I have been known to play loose with rules.  The people who played the campaign loved the mechanics as well, and would love the chance to play again.  Not only that but I have Age of Rebellion now and plan on getting Force and Destiny.    The only real question will be: what style arc to run?

The End of The World (Fantasy Flight Games):  I love this game.  I’m not sure what more I can say about it.  You can check out the FFG site or this previous resources post for something.  Everything that makes this game unique makes it amazing.  Looking at my shelf, I realize my copy (zombies) is in storage.  While I could go get it easily enough, it is the perfect excuse to invest in another edition.  At this point I am going to have to decide between gods and aliens, a though choice.  Do I answer my loves of Lovecraft and mythology or do I go full sci-fi!?

Shadowrun (Catalyst Game Labs):  This is a system I, amazingly, only have PC experience in.  But that experience was incredible.  It was an amazing little campaign involving organ theft, a killer dullahan missing her head, and a radiation elemental called Mr. Warm Hugs.  Needless to say there were hijinks and some of the best NPCs I have ever met.  Basically Al, if you’re reading this, give up on you dreams and move back here and start running this again!  While I would love to play this again, I may have to run a short escapade back into the universe.

Still Haven’t Played

TMNT & Other Strangeness (Palladium Books):  Yes that’s right TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  There is a system out there with book dedicated to TMNT.  Of course its 30 years old now.  My father had the core book from way back when and gave it to me many many years ago.  Once I finally got into D&D and really started playing, I eventually realized how amazing this book was.  Especially as a child growing up watching the original cartoon.  A few years ago, I was dedicated to getting a game started after finding a small smoke shop / comic store / hobby store / convenience store that had two other TMNT source books.  I proceeded to get two more (and the GM screen!) on eBay.  Lucky for you all, this can be found fairly decently priced on eBay.  Now I have most of the source books, all in pretty good condition.  I will convince my players to run an arc of this!

Torchbearer:  I have liked the Burning Wheel system since I listened to an actual play of it.  It creates a very interesting style of play.  When I bought the Mouse Guard RPG and found out it was a simpler version of Burning Wheel I was extremely happy.  Then I found out about Torchbearer last year.  I have wanted to run a gritty dungeon crawl for a while now, and even tried a AD&D game to do so, but I needed something a bit simpler.  I have the Torchbearer book and have been slowly plugging away at a dungeon to go through.  As soon as we can, I will make my players slog through a dungeon of death!

Kobolds Ate My Baby! (9th Level/Dork Storm):  At PAX East 2015 (may have been 2014?) I was wondering around the booths selling games looking for things I have never seen or heard of.  It was the last day and I had some spending money left.  Suddenly I hear a booth ahead of my huzzah’ing for King Torg, very loudly.  It certainly drew my attention.  I went over and saw they were selling a few things: an RPG, a card game, and a dice game.  All of these were based around kobolds, awesomely cartoonish kobolds.  The idea was that you play them and that the game is fun and hilarious.  Flipping through the book I decided to buy it, I had to support this small table and I wanted the game.  When I found out that a little extra money would get me all the games and another hailing of the king, I purchased the combo pack.  I think what really got me, and why I can’t wait to play this sometime, is that it is a “beer and pretzels rpg.”

Games To Buy

ICONS (Ad Infinitum Adventures):  I found this on one of those lists you see, something like 13 games you haven’t played but should.  Of all the genres of table top RPGs, I think superheroes is underrepresented.  Not because there has been a lacking of games, but because they don’t tend to last.  As far as I know, the only long term systems dedicated to the genre is Mutants & Masterminds and Champions.  Other systems have popped up now and again.  These are often heralded as great systems, doing exactly the different things from the two mainstays that people look for, including me.  Remembering Silver Age Sentinels on the Borders’ shelf I wish I had bought it.  However, I found ICONS and, from everything I have read, it is exactly the system I am looking for.  Now all I need is to get my players into the idea of running a comic book arc.

Dark Heresy (Fantasy Flight Games):  If you couldn’t tell I am continually impressed by FFG.  I had never been into the Warhammer stuff.  My first foray was in the fantasy MMO, which I loved, though I never had time to really get into.  Then I randomly found the first book of the Horus Heresy series for two bucks.  I am now half a dozen books in and love the setting.  The RPG has made me hesitant because there are, what, five different games you could play?  But since Dark Heresy came out in a second edition, building on all the experience of the others through the years, I have been tempted to go for it.  I know a couple players who would enjoy it too.  This may be the perfect time to throw together a short campaign.

Of Dreams and Magic (ODAM Publishing):  I randomly found this game looking for inspiration and possible systems for the Brave New Worlds campaign.  It’s a new game system and it is based around the idea that dreams have power, and some people can make use of that power.  To me, it has quite the potential for some great scenarios involving crazy combinations of genres and, of course, hijinks!