As more games are played and new rules are tested out, reviews will show up. When they do, you will be able to find those reviews here. Most of what I review is something that I purchased with my own money. That which is given to me for reviewing will be mentioned in the review itself. And, if you find yourself here and would like a review to help share your product, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to work something out with you!

Games & Systems

Kobolds Ate My Baby!
Monster of the Week (Powered By The Apocalypse)
Cat: A Little Game About Little Heroes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness (Rifts)
Masks (Powered By The Apocalypse)
1879: Player’s Handbook
Cartel: Ashcan Edition (Powered By The Apocalypse)
Predation (Cypher System)
We Hunt Bugs
Epyllion – A Dragon Epic (Powered By The Apocalypse)
Power Outage v1.4
Escape From Teddy Bear Island
Michtim: Fluffy Adventures
Orc Stabr (1-Page)
Helheim Unbound
Mirror (1-Page)
Small Wardens
Akroydeisel Age
Power Outage (Hardcover)
San Jenaro Games Digest (Volume 1)

Supplements (5th Edition D&D)

Book of Heroic Races 1 & 2 (John Brazer Enterprises)
North Seat Player’s Primer
The Retroverse (preview)
Aethermage (new class)

Supplements (Pathfinder)

Sandy Peterson’s Cthulhu Mythos


Death House (5th Edition D&D)
Last Flickering Light (5th Edition D&D)
Ice Kingdom Adventures (OSR)
Into The Light (5th Edition D&D)
North Seat Book 1 (5th Edition D&D)
Dungeon Master Jam #1 (5th Edition D&D)
Mines, Claws, And Princesses (5th Edition D&D)
Whispers From The Void (5th Edition D&D)
Drakes On A Plain (5th Edition D&D)

System Agnostic

Unframed (Universal Role-playing Book)
Schleyscapes Episode 1: Forlorn Cottage (Scenario & Map Set, by Mike Schley) and Kickstarter Follow Up
Bags of Flavour (Random Item Generators, by Dwarves in a Trenchcoat)
Your Best Game Ever (Universal tips for running and playing in games, by Monte Cook)

Tools & Resources

Norse Foundry’s Metal Dice
Wizards’ Pre-gen Characters (5th Edition)
Moldy Codex Issue 1 (Index Card RPG, by Axebane)
Modular Tiles (by LoreSmyth)
Paper Miniatures (by Trash Mob Minis)
Axebane’s Modular Dungeon Tiles
Lovecraftian Atmospheric Candles (by Eldritch Essences)
Axebane’s Deck of Many Dungeons
Role vs. Roll (Jackmonkey Games)
Deck of Many Animated Things (includes 5E rules)