The Internet Part 9

Hey everyone, we are finally back to the Resources For Every GM series! This was one of the regular and reliable series in the blog before all the changes and I am hoping to make it so again. Currently I have some worked out and a few in the works, with releases scheduled through November! The plan is to release a new one every other week, on Thursday, from now until I run out of things to tell you about. Today, I have three internet sources, all of them on YouTube (spoilers). These aren’t actual play streams or vlogs, though. They are places that might help you at your table or give you something to think about!

Wally D.M.

This resource is one of those that I have been trying to utilize more and more often. Nick provides us with a few different video series, but there is one specifically that got me to subscribe to his channel. Despite having left behind the DM’s screen for 15 years, he is able to provide us with a wonderful number of puzzles to put in dungeons. He has a clear grasp on puzzles and how they work, as well as how they can be adapted for the dungeons of fantasy RPGs. This is clear in videos like when he adapted the viral Facebook riddle/puzzle involving fruit and some math. What is great is that Nick goes through the steps by which the puzzle works and what is introduced to the players. Solutions are, of course, provided. When necessary, videos will include updates to puzzles when he has decided there might be a better way of approaching it at the table. At the writing of this, there are 30 puzzle videos, all of which can be used or adapted for your game. Puzzles have always been a great part of dungeons, but are not the easiest to develop. As such, they can be left behind and this is one resource to help make sure you still include a variety of problems for players to deal with.

Dungeon Life

If you haven’t seen this recent series on YouTube, then I am not sure where you have been. Actually, to be fair, it is likely you don’t play much D&D if this is the case. Nevertheless, this is a series you should check out. This isn’t people playing D&D, nor is it explanations of rules or suggestions on how to run games. Instead it is a documentary of sorts with each video being a short interview with various members of the D&D community: designers, DMs, and players alike. While all of them have become highly recognizable in the D&D community and the discussions center around D&D, they are about a variety of things. From monsters and playing to anxiety and cosplay, the topics cover everything an RPG enthusiast might be concerned about. The conversations are great to listen to and these are the people that are passionate about RPGs because they mean a great deal to them. Even if you have never played D&D specifically, much of what you hear will be useful or relate-able.

Dawnforged Cast

The final resource for today’s entry is another YouTube channel, but it is a must for anyone playing table top role-playing games, especially Dungeons & Dragons. The crew here have a lot of great content. First off, they go over a lot of questions, problems, and concerns with the 5th Edition of D&D. Now, they aren’t the only ones, but they are the first I have seen to do a parody series about manipulating the rules. These are narrated by an eccentric wizard and often require ridiculous situations. While they are legitimate plans, the require things like 7 shield guardians or the murder of millions of pigs first. Still they are hilarious assessments of what is possible in games like D&D. Among stuff like this are reviews, insights into Paizo’s Starfinder, and play-through’s of games like Dark Souls. I am sure you will find something worthwhile over there!