The Internet Part 8 / Audio Part 1

This week’s resources article is another internet trio, despite the fact that I wanted to get away form that group for a little while. Two problems with that though. First, I really wanted to finally get around to throwing up three audio resources. Background music has really helped games for me in the best, and I know it helps a lot of other tables enjoy their games. The second problem is the simple fact that I am not sure there are quite enough resources for audio out there. OK, I take it back. As I write this I am duo-ing Internet Part 8 and Audio Part 1. This introduction will remain as such for everyone to know why. Forever!


This is not even a web resource, technically. It’s a application which you can get from the internet and, honestly, I love it. I wish I used it more often and may start reintroducing background tunes to our not-recorded-games. So Syrinscape has a free version / sound set. You can use this without registering, and can also purchase as many of the wonderful variety of sets as you like. Some of them are themed and some of them are designed for specific adventures (Pathfinder Adventure Paths). They come with ambient tracks, ambient sounds, and sound effects that exist within a mixer. The greater your collection grows the more you can do. If you can afford regular payments, subscribe and have access to the whole library of sounds. This library, of course, is only getting bigger. And do not worry, if you purchase separate sets you don’t need to have a current subscription to access those. Needless to say, but there are almost too many ways to use this tool and if you really want those kind of audio options it is definitely the one for you!

Tabletop Audio

This is another fantastic ambient noise tool, and this one is on the web. While not quite as prolific as Syrinscape, this site has continued to grow. The library of tracks is up to over 100 at the time of writing this. These include themed tracks that might be ambience, music, or a combination. The variety is pretty good here, despite the fairly low track count, including everything from riverside town to a nighttime forest and an alien cantina to a luchador fight. To add on to this, the website has a new(ish?) feature that I have only just learned about: sound pads. These are similar to what Syrinscape has going on with sound effects. Each has a themed set of ambient noises, sounds, and effects for you to use in the background. Add a tab with music going and you could have a great scene set for your players, complete with effects. Of course, I haven’t explored it so when you make your own pad on the site, I wouldn’t be surprised if you can add a music track (if they aren’t already lurking on those pads). Definitely a beautiful resource!

Ambient Mixer

This is a website I have only just begun exploring as a recent introduction to my bookmarks. The fantastic thing about this site is it is a mixer site to create the kind of atmosphere you want or need for whatever you are doing. Some of the top mixes on the home page include common areas of various Hogwarts Houses, Lord of the Rings locations, and the TARDIS. Obviously, there is a lot of sound here that can be used to a general feel for whoever you are. Greatest of all is that this site is all the shared audio templates are under a Creative Commons License. Thanks to the amazing creators of those works the site uses there is the ability to use the work for more than personal reasons. Be aware, of course, of the rules associated as such and take responsibility for going about that the proper way!