The Internet Part 6

Hey everyone! I hadn’t planned on doing another set of internet resources, but when I was perusing the internet the other day I managed to find a couple of things that I needed to share. So, without much preamble, are three more cool resources I found just this week!

The Same Page Tool (Deeper In The Game)

This is a tool which good help out a lot of groups and concerns a topic that comes up pretty regularly within the community. The problem many groups run into is the type of game they are playing versus what they want to play and who is ok with what. What it comes down to, is everyone on the same page.  To a point things are flexible, especially long term groups, but even those can get mired down in unfulfilled expectations. The tool is much more of a guideline questionnaire. It is not something that everyone should fill out, nor is it something that the GM should decide upon himself. The tool seems best use as a group and addressing what a campaign is going to be like. Or, more appropriately, what the game / system is going to expect from you, as some of them are made for certain styles of play. All in all, this tool directly addresses questions about what will be happening that don’t usually get asked so explicitly. Given the article itself, I will be absolutely sure to check out more of the site!

Learn Tabletop RPGs

I have only started diving into what is available on this site, but I already love it. From what I have seen, I think I can share enough to get you to check it out yourselves. First off is a page similar to the article from Deeper in the Game called Level Up. Where the goal of the former was to address the expectations of the game system or campaign style, this page focused on making a great game by balancing the desires of everyone at the table. In many ways, this is the opposite of what the last article about, but it is just the other side of the coin. In fact, they link you to the tool to get started and make sure everyone knows what the game is before players get involved. It goes further to discuss player agendas, rules complexities, and provide a great number of useful links. If that isn’t enough to get you to visit, they also have a list that currently sits at 54 table top RPGs. Each one includes a brief overview, some reasons it stands out, and links to communities and places to buy them. The site is fantastic for exploring new games, if nothing else!

Who The Fuck Is My Character

Someone linked this on Twitter recently and I instantly fell in love. A simple random generator, that provides you with an idea for making a character. Load the page and you get a random character with race, class, and history. It is obvious this is designed for D&D, but the potential inspiration is endless. Here is just an example of what you may see: I’m going to roll the stats for a fucking…frank half-orc fighter from a sheltered upbringing who just wants their money back.  Go on, give it a try!