The Internet Part 5

Hello everyone, today I have three more resources from across the internet!  There is so much online, that it can be difficult to even track what you are using.  The resources I want to share with you today are some of the ones I have found more recently and immediately bookmarked.  Inspiration, ideas, stats, and more can be found within the pages of these sites!

Mithril & Mages

I first happened upon this site when I clicked on a link that led me to their treasure generator page.  The tool allows you to generate the coins carried by enemies, as level appropriate, for your party to loot.  Add on top of that the ability to generate a level-appropriate hoard of gold and items and you have a great utility for running D&D games.  That is why I bookmarked the page, but in addition to that they offer quite a bit.  There are name generators like those for motels, businesses, natural terrain, and taverns.  You can also find a dice roller, job title generator, esoteric creature generator, and a bare bones adventure idea generator.  All of these tools can be useful, and while some are edition / game specific there are more than enough that are not to add this to your growing list of bookmarks.


There is one major reason I am including this in resources you need, but I will get to that.  Among the other things created by Orteil, this site features a number of random generators and help in making your own as well.  Included in these generators are things like a name generator, a creature generator, and a dungeon loot generator.  What is great about these is that they are absolutely not really set with anything particular in mind (at least system-wise).  The things generated have lists or descriptions and occasionally make little sense, but they are full of ideas from which to draw if you are having a lot of trouble coming up with something.  Do take care with the insult generator.  That one is definitely rated R and should only be used if nasty verbage and word use doesn’t offend you.  It is, of course, called an insult generator for a reason.  The main reason I have this page bookmarked though, is the unique fantasy generator that led me to the site: the random kobold generator.  Like I said, you can get help and make your own generator here, and someone did so for kobolds.  I included the link because it is fantastic.  If you want to feature kobolds heavily in your game and like having unique indivduals even for low level characters bookmark that generator!

A Point Of Inspiration

I found some of this site’s authors’ work in the 5E Homebrew Tumblr.  Luckily I followed the sources back to their main site, because they have some great stuff.  As of right now the only download is the Grimm Dark, but it is a 44  page quality piece of work.  If they had their own art to use, they could certainly get great backing and support on these projects to put up on places like DriveThru RPG or even print editions.  I would certainly pay for a print edition.  They are currently working on their second book and have a number of ideas for down the line.  I have not yet joined their Facebook page, but certainly plan on it, and you need to go download the Grimm Dark.  Not only is it free, but it is one of the best faerie / faerie tale resources I have seen and it is for 5th Edition D&D, though it is not specified to any one setting.