The Internet Part 3

Hey everyone, sorry for the late post but I was stuck battling some extra dimensional horror.  Or maybe a headache.  One of the two.  Probably the horror.  Anyways, I wanted to feature some more rule books or supplements for today’s article but need to work on organizing the ones I want to include there.  Keep them a little bit themed together.  I’ll hit part 5 of those resource next week, but for today I have some more internet based resources for you to had to your favorites bar.


This is a site that I only found very recently, but has already made it as one I frequent during the week.  Tribality includes news about developments in the RPG world, of course, but also includes a number of great resources and other articles.  I always enjoy the ones I read and love the treatment they have been giving on the fey.  My absolute favorite series, though, has been on western games.  Like saloons and cowboys western, and this continues to fuel the Cowboys & Dragons style game world I have in my head.  One of the things Tribality provides is more to use, especially on the 5th Edition D&D front.  Some of this goes right into the articles, while others are only previewed.  You do need to become a patron of theirs on Patreon, something I plan to do as soon as I can, but from everything I have seen this would be a worthwhile action.  And even if you don’t become a patron, the site is a fantastic resource to check out on its own.

Fantasy Name Generators

This website does exactly what you would expect from the name.  It has become one of my frequented sites when I need to name something.  There are literally dozens and dozens of generators on here.  From goblin names to dwarven names, all the way to the newly added gorgon name generator.  They also have many, many real-world name generators for those who want to theme realms or races with influences from the real world.  Aside from these you can find pop culture name generators (like digimon names), description generators (like dragons or diseases), and place name generators (like the dimension generator).  This is just an obvious and simple site to add to your bookmarks.  Eventually you’ll need something here.

Forgotten Realms Wiki

When I first did the internet resources this one was suggested to me and I have to say it is a very useful resource.  And I have never run a game in the Forgotten Realms.  Anyone who plays D&D knows, though, that the Forgotten Realms has been the D&D “world” for a long time now.  Because of this, there is tons and tons of information out there.  Some of this information is pretty much the only place information is developed on certain things: beholders, illithids, etc.  The Forgotten Realms wiki is a great place to find such information when you need it.  That isn’t the only thing to use the wiki for.  I have found myself looking through the site for information on all kinds of creatures for inspiration for my game.  If you are or want to play a Forgotten Realms game, and you don’t have this site, you HAVE to add it to your book marks.  And if you aren’t going to, keep it mind anyways.  It can help.