The Internet Part 10

Today I have a special entry into Resources For Every GM! In it I add three more sources for your RPG folder of bookmarks. The internet has no shortage of useful tools and sites, but with so many I thought it would be a good idea to point you towards a few from the Twitter community. While some of you may already visit these sites or know of them from Twitter, other readers may not have a Twitter account or venture on it enough to become exposed to them. So, here are three of my favorite Twitter friends’ websites!

Terminally Nerdy

When I decided to share this particular resource, it was going to be a little different. You see, Terminally Nerdy is undergoing some renovations, some changes. Personally, I am rather excited. For what Clay has already done just head over to his YouTube channel. There you can find a ton of video reviews, stories, and more. Many are related to RPGs and they will be useful and entertaining. Clay is sincere and good at giving reviews and explaining is opinion on things. Currently, though, hey is moving on to writing more and doing less video. Of course there are still going to be video game reviews on the YouTube channel (woohoo!), but there is now going to be a blog as well. I prefer this media for reviews and it is much easier for me to find time to read them then it is to watch or listen to them. It also gives me an excellent reviewer to compare myself to. From the sounds of it, writing more articles and recording less videos will be a lot easier and more efficient for Clay. While I can not vouch for the site content yet, I can vouch for the one making that content. Definitely add this blog to your favorites!

Loot The Room

I am incredibly happy to say that not only does Chris, the writer of this website, have some great material but he has also been helpful and great in the Twitter community as well. Loot The Room is a place you can go to hear about some of the best products that come out each month on the DM’s Guild and find out why they’re good from someone who has contributed some of his own great pieces. Aside from all that Chris is a great resource for maps and short articles that feature random dice tables of things like adventure hooks and superstitions. This site has a ton of great stuff and, though it is geared towards 5th Edition D&D, much of it could be used in any scenario. If my word isn’t enough it was also an Ennie nominee this year! As a final note, if you are looking to self publish some work for the DMs Guild or DriveThru RPG, Chris has a great little series with advice on doing this and doing it for little money. He’s written great looking adventures all in Word, so this is advice well taken!

Death By Mage

Death By Mage is another fantastic member of the Twitter community who has a blog that goes by the same name. There you can find something less prominent on the other two blogs: a homebrew world. While I use my own homebrew worlds, there is nothing greater than finding someone else’s to inspire you and remind you of what other people look for in a setting. Soladis has a great amount of info on its pantheon and lore in the form of short stories. Another interesting feature, which I have considered for my blog, is the narrative retelling of their Team Baja’s campaign. For those that want something a little crunchier, well Death By Mage has that too. Homebrew ideas, reviews, and inspirations can all be found on the blog. For example one recent post is a new build for the 5th Edition sorcerer: the aberrant bloodline. As you explore the stuff this blog has to offer I am sure you will find something of interest and use!

For any of my Twitter friends with their own RPG blogs there are two reasons why you would not have been featured today. The first I may not know you have one! The second is that I simply keep my entries of the Resources For Every GM to 3 every time (well almost). If you have one, you should definitely let me know, just in case I don’t already. And do not worry, you’ll end up shared here eventually too!

Let us know about your favorite RPG blogs in the comments below!