Podcasts & Streams Part 4

For the first time since moving to the new site, Resources For Every GM is back! I have been meaning to do this for a while, and it took longer than I meant it to, but we are finally here. I am going to keep it to that, because I want to get to it and I have a D&D game this evening! Tonight some podcasts I have been enjoying recently!

Welcome To Nightvale

My gods do I love this show. Welcome To Nightvale is a radio show style podcast that is exactly my entertainment aesthetic. I am not sure how to describe it, but let us start with the fact that it is beautifully written and incredibly voiced. I went into this looking for a good supernatural/horror/Lovecraftian podcast to listen to on a trip from Massachusetts to Vermont. Once we found it, we listened for hours. Going in, we knew there would be comedy based on the description, but it was also so much more. There are elements of horror, of supernatural things, of ghost stories, and elder gods. There are also aspects of men in black tales, the X-Files, and the insanity of shows like the Twilight Zone and Doctor Who. Throughout it all you never know where you will end up. Well, other than Nightvale. The world is introduced and extrapolated on at the perfect pace with certain aspects becoming main characters, places, or ideas. Some disappear for a while and others hang in the periphery. Regardless Nightvale is an incredible, fun, and idea-inspiring place to visit from the weather to the traffic and the Sheriff’s Secret Police and the Glow Cloud. Please just go and listen to this podcast. Oh, and ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD!

Foundation After Midnight Radio

This is another podcast that I have been listening to recently that takes the form of a radio show. I found it in my search for SCP-related entertainment to help me with my adventure research. Though that adventure is not coming along as quickly as I would like, this podcast has been a valuable source of entertainment and SCP knowledge. Like Nightvale, there is a universe that is introduced to you, the listener, and this show does a good job of introducing you to the concepts and universe of the Foundation. You are exposed to all kinds of ideas and SCPs, but not all of them are clear. To be fair, the Foundation is not always clear on these things, and that is part of the point. The show is great because it does a wonderful job of putting you in that world, making you both curious and afraid to learn more about the SCPs. Though it is very entertaining, I have found it does not have the steady release of a show like Nightvale. Recent episodes have come out, thankfully, but the date stamps reveal some gaps in production. Nevertheless, if you have any interest or curiosity in SCPs this is a great place to start. If you know plenty about them already, than you will get more references than most. Either way, it is worth a listen.

Dragon Talk

I have a history of listening to the Wizards of the Coast stream off and on. Of course, from my experience, they have a history of off and on recording with periods of regular releases and periods with not-so-regular releases. A while back I found Tweets about Dragon Talk and the topics they were covering and people they were interviewing. It sounded like an improvement on the format the WotC podcast had taken in the past few years. Little did I know when I went to that original feed I wouldn’t find much. For those who don’t know about it yet (somehow), Dragon Talk has its own feed and releases regularly. For anyone who hasn’t listened, regardless of location knowledge, it is definitely worth looking into. First off it is a great place to hear about what WotC is up to and who they are working with and talking to. Second you get lore tidbits and rules advice directly from the rule gurus. Finally, each episode features a guest that has some connection to a product or the community at large, or something that seems out of left field but isn’t. It is these interviews that make Dragon Talk awesome to me. Hearing professionals from comics to cartooning to game design all discuss their love of D&D and how it shows through there work or how they made it in the industry. Well, it is inspiring and awesome. It is also a great way to get a lot of opinions about all kinds of topics. If D&D is your RPG cup of tea, please go check it out!