Podcasts & Streams Part 3

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share some more of the podcasts I have been listening to.  This resources article will share a variety of things.  One of them is a informational podcast, helping you with running games and talking about products.  The second one may not get a lot of fans, though I am sure there are some of you out there who really like the idea.  Nevertheless, I include it because of what it represents as an inspiration for possibilities.  Finally the last resource isn’t even a podcast, but as you will see is directly related.

The Wild Die

The Wild Die is a relatively new podcast, having been around for almost six months now.  This monthly podcast is a very subject oriented show.  The topic?  Savage Worlds.  The folks on the Wild Die are all about Savage Worlds, but the interesting thing is that they are relatively new to it themselves.  Honestly though, that is one of the best things about the show because their goal is to learn more about Savage Worlds and the different settings that the system has by teaching it.  The hosts talk about how to play the game and important aspects of the system, as well as settings like the Last Parsec.  They also answer questions from the community and in this last episode they had a guest.  If you have any interest at all in Savage Worlds, or are just getting into it, check them out figure out what Pinnacle’s system is all about.

Dungeons & Dragonites

The name probably gives away what makes this podcast unique: pokemon.  Now if that isn’t your cup of tea, don’t skip over this suggestion just yet.  Dungeons & Dragonites is, in reality, just a sub-cast of the PKMNCast.  Lucky for you all it is another new game and there won’t be too many episodes to catch up on.  Like many actual plays, there are weekly episodes released as a podcast.  If you want, though, the sessions are actually streamed every Tuesday night so you can catch it live.  Now, why am I including this show?  Because it is exactly why we all love table top games.  Dungeons & Dragonites isn’t named that just to get the pun, it runs off of the 5th Edition of D&D.  Not only that but it is set in a past that has magic instead of technology and pokemon are new to the world.  For those who don’t know, pokemon are the only creatures in that world, but for Dungeons & Dragonites there still are.  Pokemon are new and interesting creatures that are only just being captured, and worship of the more powerful ones may be common.  Basically, this show represents a great, interesting idea for anyone into pokemon and D&D and the perfect example of really doing whatever you want with an RPG to have fun.


Another new player to the scene.  Tess over on RPGCasts is working incredibly hard to build up a directory of role-playing game podcasts.  It continues to grow and every time the list of podcasts to add gets smaller, it just grows.  I also know that she has been working on reworking the keywords and the way you can find podcasts for you.  So, no, this is not a podcast or a stream.  But here you can find dozens and dozens of podcasts to listen to.  If you are looking for a new podcast and have some specifics, head over here and start looking.  I’m sure you will find something.  Oh and if you have a podcast that isn’t on there already, just contact her via the site and it will get there soon enough!