Podcasts & Streams Part 2

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts and watching streams for a variety of RPG-related things.  Writing this blog has really opened me up to more of other people doing the same, live play sessions, and podcasts about gaming.  Today, I want to share three such resources with you.  These are just some of the ones that haven’t just caught my eye, but I have been finding the time to enjoy and pay attention to.

The Adventure Zone (Actual-Play Podcast)

I have to say, I really love this podcast.  It is a group of brothers and their father all playing 5th Edition D&D without having had much experience playing D&D in general.  The pull it off brilliantly, and you would never know, even from the beginning that being the DM is new to the host.  He tells a fun story, responds well to unexpected things, and generally doesn’t worry about making up a rule.  The best part about this podcast is that it is different from some of the others out there.  Unlike many actual-plays, this one is not overly concerned with being serious at all.  There are trains and elevators and pocket watches and no one is really concerned about if those things actually exist in the world and who would know about it.  Also, there is a never ending quest to invent the taco, which may or may not have happened already.  I honestly couldn’t tell you as I am still catching up to current episodes.  If you want a brilliant, funny, and light-hearted game to listen to, this is it.

No Survivors (Actual-Play Live Stream)

I love this show.  I know, I start a lot of these with statements like that, but it’s hard not to.  The link here brings you over to the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel which is where you can watch the show every Monday.  Sadly, you can only catch a couple of the episodes on their YouTube channel (as far as I am aware).  You should definitely watch those though, here and here, if you can’t make to the stream.  They are hilarious.  Ivan Van Norman does a wonderful job GMing off the cuff and running a good variety of games.  No Survivors is doing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right now, and that will change come March, but they have also done Snakes On a Plane and Paranoia (click those links!).  If you want exposure to random games (some you may not of heard of) and get a lot of entertainment out of it too, definitely try and check out this show.

The Strand Gamers (Actual-Play Podcast)

This is one that is not new to me.  In fact, I’ve been listening to this one off and on for years now.  This group plays some really fun games and tell some great stories.  They have a long list of episodes and games you can listen to, but I suggest you start with Kingmaker or the Inquisition of Blood.  Preferably the latter.  These are two long running games, that have come to an end, but were fantastic to listen to.  Right now the group has been doing a lot of Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars games and a home brew Avatar system.  Definitely add these guys to your playlist and if you are looking to binge-listen to something while you work out or work or whatever, definitely download Inquisition of Blood.  Oh and fair warning, episodes are full sessions 3-4 hours long.