Resources For Every GM

Resources For Every GM is one of the oldest article series for Notes Of The Wandering Alchemist. Each week I (try) to share three new resources for you to check out. These may be rules, internet tools, reference books, or places for inspiration. Below you can find the major categories that these are divided into and what you can find there.

Resources: These are the rules, supplements, references, online tools, maps, and more that might make life a little easier for running your game.

Inspirations: These are the characters, settings, games, authors and more that will help inspire the games you are playing and the things you create.

Reviews: These are the games, supplements, and tools that I have taken the time to write up a review of after trying out.

Specials: These are the holiday specials, themed a little bit different and showing up for specific (probably not random) reasons.