Dragon Re-skins

Pepper Dragon

three types: jalapeno, habanero, ghost
brass, gold, red dragon base stats
remove sleep and weakening extra breath options

You have seen a lot in your years, even fought a few dragons. Everyone in your line of work does, if they live long enough. That is just what monster hunters do. It isn’t a glamorous job, or safe. Simply put it is challenging, and maybe it saves some lives. Still, you always know what to expect. Descriptions go a long way. Experience has filled in the blanks. Evidence suggests some plant creature, something easily cowed by fire. Descriptions point to a dragon. You never expected a dragon, but prepared for both. How could you expect both? And, honestly, all the gods could not predict a plant dragon immune to fire! Your eyes burn, your lungs burn, your cloths are singed. Still all you can think of is the insanity of it. And what the peppers will taste like when you finally kill this thing and harvest its hide…

Pitcher Plant Dragon

copper dragon base stats

Swamp expeditions are the worst. Mosquitoes, frogs, stirges, crocodiles, and the water. Water everywhere. On the ground, next to the ground, under the “ground”. You haven’t felt dry for days. You just want to find the ruins and make camp. A stone floor, ruined and dusty or not, that can hold heat will be that much better. Caught in your misery, you barely notice the man in front of you fall through the moss. Another soft spot, gods damnit! You reach down to help your friend, and notice he’s fallen some kind of contained plant, like a pitcher plant but gigantic. Then the ground erupts around you as the plant closes on him. But it isn’t a plant, it is attached to a larger form, like a dragon. The party screams, your friend is swallowed. Acid sprays from the creature’s maw as you run, hoping you don’t find a soft spot, or worse, another of those things.

Spearmint Dragon

white dragon base stats

Your party has been travelling through the deep woods trying to find your way to its eastern edge. Following the sun is difficult, but you long lost the path through. Occasionally you come across a grove, devoid of trees but full of lower growth. Your druid warns you of some of the fey that may make their home in such groves and prove to be dangerous to encounter. Each time your ranger looks for signs left by others of his kind before you make camp. This time the grove is full of low growing spearmint, providing a lovely and relaxing smell. Looking for danger, you find an incredibly large hole in the center of the grove. Dropping a torch the dark hole begins to shimmer and sparkle with the light of a giant pile of coins and gems. As you look down the scent of spearmint grows and the chill wind of night begins. Before you can begin contemplating what this all means, you hear a roar. Turning you a frozen in place as the icy cold breath of a dragon washes over you, the green plant-like form descending from the canopy.