Chimera Re-Skins

Black Dragon Head

Chimera base stats
Replace fire breath weapon damage with acid
Goat head becomes a boar head
Lion head becomes a crocodile head

Hearing the sound of a boar is not uncommon on the path around the mire. While dangerous, you are quite capable and boar could provide a good deal of food. With this much noise, perhaps it is distracted and you can sneak up on it. Pushing through the trees you hear a splash and see a pair of black, scaled heads in the swamp’s water. You barely catch the horns one of the heads sports before it is too late. A huge, winged creature erupts from the dirty water and lunges towards you. Three heads look down at you. One sports the open maw of a giant crocodile, another is the fearsome form of a black dragon, and the third must have brought you here, the huge head of boar mad with territorial rage. You run the acrid smells of acid following you as the creature spits at its would-be meal.

Blue Dragon Head

Chimera base stats
Replace fire breath weapon damage with lightning
Goat head becomes a pronghorn head
Lion head becomes a jackal head

The desert is a dangerous place, and you have been wandering for days. Civilization, shade, water; they are all nearby. If you can only just make it there. The sun begins to set, but you know some predators only come out at night. You’re in the open, things are quiet. Until you hear the laughter. Closer to grasslands you may think it a hyena, bad enough, but here maybe it is jackals. Or worse, a jackalwere, something you definitely cannot handle right now. That’s when you hear it, and stop. It makes no sense. What is making the sound of beating wings? Then you see it, a giant monstrosity, worse than anything you thought could find you before you found shelter. Recognizable by the dragon head flanked by two others and huge wings, it’s a chimera. But this is nothing like those far-off creatures you have heard of. This has a blue head whose lightning turns the sand around you to glass, the laughing head of a jackal, and a pronghorn with wild eyes that bore into you. Death has finally found you in this desert.

Green Dragon Head

Chimera base stats
Replace fire breath weapon damage with poison
Goat head becomes an elk head
Lion head becomes a wolf head

The town hired you and a few others to take care of wolves. Occasionally a pack get hungry, or bold, and begins taking livestock. And we’re not talking a sheep or a chicken, but whole flocks in the night. The mess that you saw this morning proved that it had to be a large pack. Normally you would try to beat the other hunters to the punch to get the reward. This time, you all agree, you should work together. It is just you and one other now, more silent than the remaining hunters. They hope to force the pack, or part of it, out of hiding and towards you. Eventually you find success and flank the game trail, listening, waiting. The two of you hear hoof beats and softer paws running towards you. There is something strange you can’t pick out, but maybe that’s just because of the deer that they also spooked. Suddenly your partner screams and you look, seeing the massive head of a wolf devouring the other hunter. It is worse, you think, dire wolves. But that’s when it dawns on you, the body the head is attached to, is not that of a wolf, not fully. The back end is the hooved form of a deer or elk. This is some monster. Three headed and winged. You barely manage to get a glimpse of green scale before you are gored by giant elk antlers. Then a sour gas invades your lungs and darkness overcomes you, a relief based on the scream of your partner.

Volcano Chimera

Chimera base stats
Keep fire breath weapon
Add restrain effect to breath weapon
Goat head becomes a more robust mountain ram head
Lion head becomes a bear head

Something had been stealing caravans full of expensive goods. Something had been causing the dormant volcano to begin acting up and spilling smoke from the caldera at the mountain top. The people feared that it was a dragon, and some of the signs pointed towards that. However, something had also been eating the livestock of the surrounding farms too. I suggested that it might be cultists taking the goods for their organization and the livestock as sacrifices to some demon. Hells, I’d seen it before and thought maybe if I gathered a few would-be heroes we could end this before they actually summoned something. Little did I know that the eye’s peering at me now, as ash falls around us, would be vaguely reptilian above a mouth of lava and flame. I never expected to see two other heads attached to the body either. This is no dragon, but it is no chimera I have ever heard of either….

Earthquake Chimera

Chimera base stats
Change fire breath weapon to deal bludgeoning damage
Add a knocked prone effect and a blind effect
Goat head becomes a gargoyle head
Lion head becomes a bulette head

We had heard it was a chimera we were after. Three heads, wings, terrible breath. They mentioned one head had horns but the other was fur-less. That and the thing spit rock and sand, not fire. Perhaps some wizard had been experimenting. Didn’t matter much to us, we prepared for a fire breathing, winged creature. Worst case our armor would protect us from the rocks as much as its claws. We had no idea. It dove from a perch up the mountain side and dove at us. It never even stopped and we thought it mad. But it went right into the soil. Suddenly it erupted between us, showering us in a rock slide as it rose. Before we could recover from this unexpected tactic, the horned head, a gargoyle if I ever saw, gored the entrails from Roland. Luckily he was the only one we lost, but in the fight his body was buried under who-knows-how-many-feet of soil, rock, and sand. What will we tell his families??

Avalanche Chimera

Chimera base stats
Change fire breath weapon to deal cold damage
Add stunned effect
Goat head becomes a yak head
Lion head becomes a snow leopard head

The expedition had crossed the pass twice a year for over forty years. Some of us were veterans of almost two of those decades. We had seen packs of leopards, rabid yetis by the score. Most of us had even fought a frost worm before and dragons hadn’t been seen in these mountains for over two centuries. When we heard that roar we thought we were dead, but even a dragon couldn’t take us all if we scattered. That didn’t matter though, despite the time of year and the way the sound carried, there shouldn’t have been an avalanche! But there was. It nearly buried us and those of us who were buried, me among them, we lucky to be so. Outside the snow we heard the roars like a great dragon and those of a great cat, and then the screams of our fellows. For two weeks we sat there waiting to be rescued. Two weeks waiting for that thing to come back and dig up its frozen snacks. I will never forget those weeks. Maybe we weren’t the lucky ones.