Blog Carnival

Every month the RPG Blog Alliance holds the Blog Carnival. This is an event meant to promote other bloggers to your readers by getting together and writing about a specific topic. Each month a different RPG blog hosts the carnival with a specific topic in mind. Other members then write about the topic and leave a comment on the host’s page that includes a link back to their post. At the end of the month the host compiles a list of all the write-ups for that month. It is a great way to get introduced to new blogs, new ideas, and collect a variety of ideas and opinions on specific topics. Below are my entries to the carnival and within each you can find a link back to the host’s blog!

April 2016: What’s The Use In Weather? (Mortaine’s Blog)

May 2016: At World’s End – Coming To A Close (Rising Phoenix Games)

June 2016: Archfey And Q…You… (Pitfalls & Pixies)

August 2016: Trinkets From Space! (Daemons & Deathrays)

January 2017: Prophecies & Omens (Tales of a GM)

February 2017: What Is An Encounter (Tabletop Terrors)

February 2017 Part 2: Encounters & Rewards (Tabletop Terrors)

July 2017: Angels & Demons (Daemons & Deathrays)

October 2017: Superstitions (Dice and Dragons)

November 2017: Revisiting Goldfish (Campaign Mastery)

December 2017: Literary Inspirations (Pitfalls & Pixies)

January 2018: Gaming On A Budget (Renaissance Gamer)

May 2018: Fear Of The Known (Reckoning of the Dead)