Welcome recruit and potential future agent! You have received this pamphlet because you were chosen to become a part of the greatest organization to traverse the 27 Realms! Sure, we may be the only organization to readily and publicly claim that distinction…and the only one which actively seeks to help those we come into contact with…but the point stands! You are one of perhaps millions on your home world, trillions in your home Realm, and a countless number within the 27 Realms that we could have picked. Yet, here you are!

There is knowledge out there that few are exposed to and you have touched it. You know not just of other world or other planes, but of whole realities not like your own. Where magic, religion, and technology take on different forms. The rules are not just manipulated from Realm to Realm but completely rewritten. Some of you have borne witness to this first hand. For that you are blessed!

Others of you have seen that which lies Beyond. The great and terrible things that seem to lurk in the corner of the eye, at the edge of the senses, all encompassing. These are the familiar, but unknowable. There are things, creatures, intelligences out there beyond any given Realm. These are the stuff in which the 27 Realms sit and you have touched it and survived. For that you are blessed!

Both of you, though, are also cursed. You are cursed with knowledge that your world’s greatest sages do not yet understand. Could not even comprehend. We all sit upon a knife’s edge and you are the cursed few who see that the knife is a multi-bladed sword which we cannot begin to understand. And yet…here we are.

You are here not only because you are exposed or because you have learned. You are here because you are strong. We are those who travel, from Realm to Realm, seeking to understand and create bridges. We want to connect those who are blessed, and cursed, and bring them together. We are Farsight.

Our goal is to learn and understand the Remaining Realms. Yes, there were once more than 27 Realms, but such questions are for later. Know now that you are here to learn, to experience, and to adventure. You will use the gifts of your home Realm to help those of others. You will make contact will Realms and people who know nothing of the multiverse. You will touch the Beyond and help prevent it from corrupting the Remaining Realms. You will become an Agent of Farsight.

~Master Silas Forsythe

A City In The Sky

The city we reside in has no name that we can find. It is possible the name was forgotten when the Realms were re-ordered. Regardless, most just call it “the city” and know what it means. This is a boon to Farsight allowing us to be vague but have a method of ascertaining whether a rogue element knows of Realms beyond their own.

This place is a nexus of Realms and each touches the city, no matter how lightly. That is one of the reasons Farsight is based here. Additionally, its architects knew of the Realms and built this city to travel between them and once it was much more than it is now. Still, when the city was found in the skies of Karos, it was awakened and some were called to it. Now there are millions who live here and Farsight is but one organization that walk its streets and halls.

The Way Inn

The Way Inn, in all honesty, is what makes Farsight possible. There are magics and technologies that could get us from one Realm to another. Those are, in fact, easier to use while within the city, but the Way Inn seems to be a nexus of sorts. As far as we know it connects to every currently existing Realm, all 27.

The Way Inn gives us a doorway, access to the various Realms and their inhabitants. Through it we can send teams to study and contact their people. When necessary we can simply monitor activity from Beyond. Regardless of tactic and need, the back door of the Way Inn cycles through the various Realms appearing and disappearing in cities and town of hundreds of worlds. The schedule it keeps is difficult but we have learned enough to plan outings and it from the Way Inn that most missions begin.

Nevertheless, that tavern is not one which Farsight owns any right over. In fact, its proprietor has been here since before the city was re-inhabited a few decades ago. Solomon Ekhart, or Pohg as he prefers to be called, is a kind and friendly soul. We do not know what he is or where he is from, but so long as Farsight seeks to help others Mr. Ekhart allows us entrance and exit from his establishment. He is also known to take a shining to new recruits but do not expect special treatment if Mr. Ekhart decides he likes you.

You will also meet Margo Winthrop, the second in command of the Way Inn. She appears human but has more energy than some messenger gods we’ve encountered. Never is the Way Inn without one of the two and her word holds Mr. Eckhart’s authority when he is not present. Finally is the turtloid known as Keeper, Tekron Snapjaw. The elder creature seems to have forgotten what sleep was and runs the anteroom at the back door of the Way Inn. He will collect and distribute good when you enter or leave and he will provide you with the tools to maintain your skills between Realms.

The Remaining Realms

For those of you who do not yet comprehend, you are from a town or city. That settlement lies upon a world and, for many of you, that world is but one of many. Some of you even have other planes of existence made of fire or nightmare or ghosts. No matter how many of those you know about or have been to, this is different. The Remaining Realms are more than that.

Each Realm has its own worlds, planes, people, and rules. Some of them have gods and goddesses to worship. Others do not. The laws of magic are present on some while mathematics has allows for artificial life running on electricity alone. The point is while the laws of the universe are, as they say, universal, they do not translate the same way to each one.

In each Realm are different ways of doing things, different people, different languages. Farsight as ways of aiding you in journeys to other Realms. In all likelihood, you are already there. Not that you would know while in the city. While not as strong as the Way Inn, the city is a nexus between Realms. This allows you to speak to one another as if the trade language was not restricted to your region, world, or Realm. It also connects you to your home so that you still have use of your talents. Anywhere else and you will require our aid to do so.

That being said, there are 27 Remaining Realms. Not all of them are known to us and some of them are more well known than others. You being here means that you are of a Realm with advancement comparable to most others. It also means your Realm has been touched by the Beyond. Being a part of Farsight means making sure the Remaining Realms are not lost to the Beyond.

Beyond The Realms

Little needs to be said of the Beyond. In being here you have witness or touched a piece of it. It is something that exists beyond existence. To understand, even the smallest part, is to risk yourself and whatever passes for a soul in your Realm. The things that come from there break down the laws of reality as we know them. Not a Realm’s laws, but the universal laws. A Realm loses its identity and its language when the concept of communication is broken, if you follow the metaphor.

Always the Beyond pushes at the Remaining Realms, but locked within their context and ordering is a wall of reality that even those things cannot break. They leak through, make holes on occasion, but that is why Farsight exists. We eliminate such breaches and send things back Beyond the Realms. As an agent of Farsight you will learn more, that is the cost, but you will make sure millions of others do not.