3: The Realm On The Brink

Never have I seen a Realm like the third. I have seen angels and demons, gods and titans. I have heard of their birth and viewed their graves, but never have I seen them weaponized as in the Third Realm.

Deep within the world, or perhaps just protected there, is a prison unlike that in any other Realm. Therein the people of the Realm on the Brink found something terrible: chaos incarnate. Whether those things are of the Beyond or not has yet to be discovered.

These creatures were locked here by their ancestors, those who walked alongside deities. Together mortal and immortal waged war and drove them back. The descended races forgot, the surviving gods were lost, and the prison was breached. Now legend, death, and chaos erupt from the center of their world.

A World Built On War

Preator is a world with war in its very being. Like the magic that permeates some other worlds, conflict suffuses the Third Realm. In its early days the world had but a single race and there was peace for a time. Things were what they were. It was a time of young mortals bringing order to the world and developing civilization. For its part, it was amazingly peaceful.

Then the gods became involved and the people had something more to think about. They found something to fight for. Immortals made their territories and used their followers to wage war against one another. This was the First Era of Bloodflow and it was brutal.

When chaos came to Preator, the deities were unsure what to do at first. People died not to each other, and not in their gods’ names. Instead havoc reigned and reason of any type disintegrated. The response was a truce. Angel and demon were sent to walk among the mortals and fight with them. This was the Second Era of Bloodflow.

The tide of war could not be turned and would not have if not for the arrival of the gods themselves. In taking physical form they were able to push back the tide. Some of them fought, bringing down armies of chaos born monsters. Others built a solution.

Eventually the war against chaos ended, but few goddesses remained. Following this was the Third Era of Bloodflow where armies went back to war. Angels and devils led the mortal races in the name of dead gods. For a long a bloody era, the original race of Preator changed and the reason for the wars were forgotten. Until the Prison of Law was found.

Born of Angels and Demons

Preator once had a single race, unified by their own existence even when the immortals pitted them against one another. Things change, though, and eventually their commitment lead to enough separation that they were no longer one. The mixed and mingled with the generals of the beings they worshiped. Over time diabolic and seraphim blood crept into the Preatorians.

Now there are two major sides to Preator: the Seraphim and the Fiends. Not every kingdom and group gets along but, in general, they fight with each other for a greater cause. Various angelic races tend towards good and selflessness. On the other side the demonic folk live in selfish tyranny, desiring power and influence.

Spawned From Tragedy

The state of the world is complicated to say the least. Nevertheless, Preator moves forward and progress is made. Magic advances and changes. Technologies are discovered. The two have become mingled to amazing results: guns, airships, trains. But God-borne technologies are another thing altogether. These are made from the bones and flesh of dead gods, empowered by the divine essence of dead goddesses.

Eventually it was discovered that the corpses of dead deities were not like those of normal creatures. They did not rot, though they did change. And despite being dead, were still filled with incredible power. As the people of Preator advanced and there conflict grew, certain individuals and groups sought to make use of their gods’ remains. It began as blasphemy, but now wars are won with God-borne weapons and technology

Avatars Among Us

During the Second Era of Bloodflow, the fate of Preator turned to survival. The cost was great, however, and not just in mortal blood. Angels, demon, and deity died on the fields of battle. They did not rise again, for this was a final death wrought by chaos. The rules changed, even for such beings as gods and goddesses.

Not every deity fell, though. Some lived through the final battles and continue to live to this day. They did not come out of that Era unchanged. Trapped in their avatar forms, their physical bodies, they roam the world. Lost, confused, and half-mad these beings do not know what to do. Friends and enemies alike were lost. Purpose was splintered and followers forgotten. Danger and power follow their paths in a wake of destruction.

A Prison Breached

The Third Era has recently ended and the God-borne technologies have new targets. Desperation mounts and alliances are being forged. The legends are remembered and mortals aren’t sure of their own survival. For, you see, the Fourth Era of Bloodflow has begun and it is another era of order versus chaos.

A few years ago, in excavating the corpse of a forge god, the Prison of Law was re-discovered. Believing that they had obtained an advantage over allies and enemies alike, those who found it went right to work. Using God-borne tools, they were able to breach its walls and the minions of chaos were once again unleashed on Preator. Things have changed, the gods are not here, and survival of the Third Realm is threatened.