24: The Realm of Absurdity

Where do I begin with the 24th Realm? Let us start slow, shall we? This Realm is, perhaps, one of the least exciting as it just moves along steady and without trouble. Now that isn’t to say there are no worries here, but most Realms have cosmic wars, world ending viruses, or recent apocalypse. The 24th Realm as no such events.

Of course, that is to say, the Realm of Absurdity is anything but boring. The magic inherent here is one unlike any other you have seen. Physics are not just ignored or manipulated but fluid and broken. And yet…has some very clear rules….

How do I explain this. There is a plane of existence, birthed from art and imagination, that has gained its power from moving pictures. Cartoons, they are called, and they can do things the normal folk of their world cannot. Those abilities follow their own rules, even when the two worlds interact. The result is…well odd…and hilarious. It is only in curiosity and a few specific instances that even led Farsight to the Realm.

Absurd, But Average

The Earth of the the 24th Realm is average and mundane. There have been wars and there is conflict in the world. What there is not are aliens, magic, gods, or nano-viruses. None of the insane world-altering catastrophes have managed to hit this world. People go by their daily lives affected only by their history and their own decisions.

The only real exception to this is the existence of living cartoons. In various pockets around the world are towns and cities of animated characters. Rules are different for them and they are left to their own devices. Of course, visiting humans are often out of their depth and toons have a hard time being normal in human regions. In border regions things become strange, humans and toons living together and nothing ever quite making sense.

A Plane Of Two Dimensions

The nature of living cartoons means that there is space in places where there normally wouldn’t be. Tunnels can be painted onto walls and entered. Toolboxes are twice as deep as they appear. All of these things extend into another, very mutable plane of existence from which the toons originate.

While the toons exist in three dimensions, they also exist in two. They are capable of surviving in a flattened form and in the deepest part of cartoon regions, things are never seen with depth. The far away might just be small, and for many this is disorienting. Most humans stick with toolboxes that are bigger on the inside.

Bright Exaggeration

Cartoons are also some of the most obvious creatures across the Realms. They tend to have large and exaggerated features. Fine details tend not to cover their body, though this changes depending on where they are. No matter what, they have outlandish features and are often noticeably different from others. Colors on toon objects, cartoon peoples, and toon regions are incredibly bright,being rivaled only by powerful faeries lands.

Cartoon Physics

Even the Realm of Absurdity has its own form of magic or power. In this case it is the strange physics of cartoons. Aside from creating extra-dimensional spaces and reducing their geometry to only two dimensions, powerful toons are capable of much more. Things can be pulled from nowhere, seeing or not seeing can change what exists, and damage can be absorbed through bodily manipulation. To outsiders it is strange, but to others the rules of the Realm are predictable and reliable.