17: The Realm Of Glass

Farsight knows relatively little about the 17th Realm, which we have labeled the Realm of Glass. Its main world appears to have undergone some kind of massive, dangerous change within the last 5,000 years, It is unclear whether this was the result of magic or technology as both advancements seem to be present.

The world itself is a desolate wasteland, covered in vast plains of obsidian dust and mountainous ranges of black glass. Dotting the landscape are the skeletal remains of huge steel buildings and the hollow shells of once beautiful stone monuments. Undead beings roam the surface, as do beasts mutated by centuries of exposure to radioactivity and rampant wild magic.

Because of the dangers on the surface of the planet we have found little cause to go there until we can detect some greater life or find operatives crazy enough to explore such a desolate landscape. While few Seers are maintained on the Realm, some keep a watchful, if occasional eye on it, wanting nothing more than answers to the world’s mysterious history.

A World In Three Parts

The original name for the main world of the Realm of Glass has long since been lost to history. Those who still call it home have separated it into three distinct regions: the Hollows, the World Above, and the World Below. The civilized peoples of this place live within the Hollows, a world unto itself located miles below the scarred surface of the planet. Here their ancestors fled from the catastrophe of the World Above and created the kingdom of Avalon. It still sees night and day, the change of seasons, and a beautiful wilderness.

The World Above is a wasteland of the forgotten. Hulking structures and mass graves stand as markers of a once great civilization that only managed to kill itself. Technology abounds, though not all of it useful and not all of that safe. Magic can also be found here and it is now common practice for the courageous and the curious to make treks out onto the surface seeking out lost relics and powerful artifacts from days long past.

The World Below is another, equally frightening, matter altogether. The Hollows once held its own inhabitants and since the founders of Avalon descended they have been driven from their own ancestral homeland. Now those beings and races fight for survival in the tight caverns of the World Below. Years of darkness and oppression have caused many to devolve into even more brutish creatures than they once were. Others have become alien and terrible to behold.

Echos And Portents

While the world itself is split into three distinct regions by both its geography and its people, the spirit of the world has been as well. Other planes of existence are not uncommon, but for Avalon some of these take unique forms. Planes of elemental power and intellectual forces exist, but so too do planes of time stretch within reach of the world.

There are two known planes that co-exist with the prime plane, also known as the Here-and-Now. The first of these is the Echo, a grey landscape of mystery and danger. Here the ruins on the World Above can be seen in their full glory and splendor, but none of their builders can be found. The creations and twisted souls of the past haunt some areas, but they are unknowable and deadly.

The second of these planes is the Portent. Here is a darker, more confusing mirror to the Here-and-Now. In this plane can be seen the future. Some see the good that may come, but the worst of scenarios prey upon those unwilling to admit their possibility. The Portent changes on a much faster scale and can never be mapped for each decision in the Here-and-Now has larger influences on that plane than any other.