14: The Realm Of Light

Luxarrah is a world we still know precious little about. Few members of Farsight have visited the Realm of Light and returned. It is a place undergoing, like so many others, a very turbulent time. Only recently have events on Luxarrah drawn the attention of our Seers and moved the realm higher on our priority list.

This world is yet another where magic holds sway and gods are not only worshiped but are true beings. At least as far as we can tell. Magic blends into technology as the hard light machinists make pistols and buildings from pure light. They do so with a striking combination of arcane enchantments and mechanical know-how.

As for the gods and goddesses of this world, there are few we currently know of. These primarily take the form of natural lights: the sun, moon, and stars. However it seems other creatures exist that harness light or turn it away, who worship their own deities. And this doesn’t even begin to cover the power that is held in the nightmares of Luxarrahn peoples.

The Children of Light

There are dozens of people who inhabit the world of Luxarrah, but the most prolific are those known as the children of light. Ostentatious in title, but accurate, these races claim to be tied directly to the major gods of Luxarrah: Sol, Luna, and their true children the stars. These people include the Solari, the Lunari, and the Stellari and they have built great empires and mastered technological and magical craft alike.

So advanced was the mingling of hard light craftsmanship and arcane magic, the Children of Light created a fourth race, completely by accident. In efforts to create better, more efficient sources of hard light, the Sylvari were born. The power of hard light producing plans and hard light magics gave way to a new sentience. For a time the Children of the Forest were used as slave labor, but such would not last in the Children of Light’s civilization. The inner glow of the various Stars is prominent among the Sylvari and they are now recognized to be touched by those gods, and their oppression was given up in most parts of the world long ago.

The Grounded Ones

Not all races are born from the Lights Above. In fact, the majority are not. The Grounded Ones are so-called, because they have been born of neither shadow nor light and are tied to the world of Luxarrah itself. The history of the world has seen many kingdoms rise and fall to the Grounded races, but today there exists an empire consisting of many smaller kingdoms; a unification of the peoples in a time of ever-growing need.

Here one can find a much larger range of viewpoints, crafts, and ideals. It is the land of variety, compared to the Children of Light’s domains. While the differences in views and a lacking in the Light Above as a connecting force, these people have fought and warred much more, but so too have they advanced. Now they are in a golden age where alchemy, magic, and spiritualism move forward to the benefit of all.

The Children of Shadow

Of all the things guaranteed to be produced from light it is shadow. In the earliest corners of history, when Sol and Luna created the first Children of Light, so too did other forces create the first Children of Shadow: the Umbrahae. These races live and thrive in the dark corners of Luxarrah: caves, tunnels, deep forests. They plague civilized lands the world over in the darkest nights, when the light of Luna is dimmest, and seek to expand their territories as far as they can. Some have even taken to worshiping the Titans and seek their release so that the surface can be made theirs.

The Fall of the Soul Forges

Just over a century ago half of the world of Luxarrah was plunged into unnatural darkness and despair. On that day dozens, upon dozens of what are now called Soul Forges fell from the sky. Seeming the eat up the light around them, these inky, obsidian obelisks dotted the countryside and eliminated the Lights Above from reaching the Children of Light. Demons of darkness poured forth from these towers, stealing anything they could get their hands on and either devouring it or bring it back to their spires.

In the time that followed the Forges earned their name by taking Luxarrahn peoples and burning the Light from their bodies. What remained were shriveled, angry husks and tortured, screaming shadow-souls: the ghouls and wraiths that still plague the countryside today. While the Eastern and Western continents did not suffer greatly, the Children of Light were all but destroyed. To this day they push out from Last Light, their only remaining city and capital, taking back their once great empire.

Titans of Old

The Titans are the things of myth and story. Creatures said to have roamed the land long before the Children of Light or Shadow, or even the Grounded Ones, ever walked its soil. Great beasts of god-like power, they had their own followers who warred against one another for territory. The realms were drenched in the blood of the fallen, all for the Titan’s sport, until the Lights Above came down and waged their own war. Those Titans which were not killed were raised up into the sky and imprisoned by constellations of stars. Today the Titan-spawn, cultists, and Umbrahae pay homage to these lost beings and are yet granted power to wreck havoc on civilized races.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

There are whispers and fairy tales that tell of worlds other than Luxarrah, planes of existence that transcend the material. Most are thought of to be just that, stories, but there are those who know that they are more than that. The fiendish and celestial realms of Luxarrah are not driven simply by the tilt of good vs evil or law vs chaos. It is something much more wild than that: dreams vs nightmare, light vs darkness.

All the peoples of Luxarrah hold light and shadow in their very essence. They have hopes and they have fears. These manifest themselves not just in sleep but in the greater cosmos, for it is not just the gods who can create but the sentient races as well. These planes are dangerous, however; mutable and unpredictable they are realms most mortals dare not enter. In the nightmare horrors are made manifest, darkness crushes in from all sides, and the landscape becomes more decrepit. In the dreamscapes things are idyllic, beautiful, and whimsical. Even those lands are dangerous for dreams are not necessarily everlasting.