1: The Realm Of Many

Ahh, the first realm. It is one we know most about. And yet…it is likely to have more mysteries within it than any other. Of course there is good reason for this.

You see Farsight was founded in the first realm, in a way. At least it was founded in a realm that is no more, except those part which are held in the first realm. For that is the thing about the Realm of Many: it is the amalgamation of many realms that don’t truly exist anymore.

Due to the forces beyond the Realms and a tear in reality known as the Stygian Rift, many realms collapsed and were lost. A great many melded and forged a new realm, the first realm. When the cosmic dust had settled Farsight became more important, the first realm became a centerpiece, and the multiverse was reduced to 27 different realms of existence.

A World Torn Asunder

The reordering of the cosmos was unpleasant for most world, though they don’t quite know it. For many it was a forces of change. A wave through the strings of fate. A change in the maps of destiny. Some worlds were not so lucky, being completely destroyed or simply ceasing their existence altogether. Others made it somewhere in between.

Those which were physically affected without ceasing to exist were, often, ripped apart. Mountains crumbled, oceans dried up, and continents were consumed. Gods were killed and new goddesses born. Everything was in chaos, a moment stretching on into and beyond forever.

Worlds Brought Together

Eventually those strung out and fractured worlds would see an end to their torment. It took forever and the blink of an eye, but in the end there was one surviving world: Idhomlya, the World of Many. It represents the center of the greatest cosmic change the universe had ever seen. It was the center of the Realm of Many, the center and anchor of the greatest reordering the cosmos have seen. At least as far as anyone can gather.

The ramifications of these re-ordering of the world and the birth of Idhomlya is a fading memory and a bad dream. What is known to a few is that those worlds that make up Idhomlya all held a Rift and it was that Rift that connected them. Now, the world contains false memories of kingdoms battling and has lost old rivalries in the re-ordering. Many goddesses have become one and singular gods have found new places of worship. It is one world, one universe, of many.

The Stygian Rift

The nexus of transition. The destroyer of worlds. The gateway to that which lies beyond the cosmos. The great mists of change. The Stygian Rift has gone by many name on many worlds, but each one it touched changed that world forever.

The cause for the opening of the Rift was wide and varied. Some were opened on purpose, others accidentally. On many worlds cultists were responsible, on a few religions did the work, and on one the Stygian Rift opened beneath the dying bodies of god who fell in civil war. Still, each Rift was opened with purpose, linked to that which lies beyond. There lies a realm whose inhabitants are so different it would make demons and angels as brothers.

The current state of the Rift is singular, truly it always has been, and stable. That stability was brought on by the creatures of the land it now resides. This nation is known as Bael-Ur and its people seek to close the Rift. Whether this will tear apart Idhomlya or bring a final stability to the new cosmic order is unknown.

Bael-Ur: Frontline To Chaos

No longer are there dozens, or hundreds, of worlds with kingdoms on the shore of insanity. Now Idhomlya is the only one which holds the Stygian Rift upon its surface and ate the edge of that window to madness lies what is left of Bael-Ur. It is a world that has lost much, but managed the sacrifices to reduce the Rift rather than being consumed by it like so many others.

With the last ditch effort of a race of people and a powerful relic, the Rift was stymied and Bael-Ur began to undergo changes. Slowly, but surely, the surface was changed forever. Great seas became desert, vast kingdoms disappeared, and primordial forests erupted from the ground. Over a hundred years saw minor additional changes, but the people persevered.

Eventually, a number of individuals found their lots to be lacking. Some of them set out to make the world around the last city, Aggramon, better for the people who lived there. Some even succeeded, but the proximity of the Rift and the events leading up to it opening conspired against them. Eventually a ritual strengthened the Rift and stabilized it.

While this has proved to be bad for Bael-Ur, it was the saving of the cosmos, a major step towards the re-ordering. Now Bael-Ur has a new capital, aptly named Happenstance. However, they fight the Rift on one side, a growing army of undead on another, and the developing cult kingdom in a ruined Aggramon. Still, it is Idhomlya’s best hope against the Stygian Rift.

Atlazan: Empires Fallen

Bael-Ur is a large section of continent which survived the re-ordering. Single cities, small islands, and various mountain ranges can all be included in that list as well. Atlazan, though, is the only continent to survive the re-ordering in its entirety. How this happened is unknown, but it stands, nevertheless, as the largest single portion of a world to survive.

The land of Atlazan is one, not of furry mammalian races, but of scale and feather. Long ago the whole of Atlazan was ruled over by a single race. Eventually an advanced race came to the Atali and taught them a great deal. The empire lost many of its gods and traditions and the people slowly oppressed into near-slavery.

Eventually the people rebelled and their oppressors were forced to leave. This revolution was led by a number of heroes, some being dragons, and the end result was freedom. However, the level of dedication was so great for these heroes that when they disappeared, disagreements of philosophy turned to civil war. Eventually the race became two, splitting between the feathered-folk and scalekin who would eventually become a wide variety of races fighting for dominance on Atlazan.

Coming together in times of peace or common goal against terrible beastmen and their summoned Demon Lords, the races have had a trouble and mixed history. Now, they sit in uncomfortable peace tending towards hostility. The center of the continent is owned by the beastmen, its eastern shores by the Temtektaggre Empire, and its western shores by the Great Avian Alliance. Newly born is the Feathered Serpent Unification lead by a seemingly hybrid race, worshiping a great coatl goddess, and hopping to bring lasting stability back to Atlazan.

Serpent Spine Isles

A smaller section of Idhomlya to make a name for itself has been the Serpent Spine Isles. Locals claim that the archipelago was formed on the spine of a long dead draconic god. The peoples are varied and the kingdoms small, but they have a way with the ocean that many do not. Some lands even exist below the waves, whole cities and empires build upon grand coral reefs and among vast kelp forests.

Among the Isles is a single strange city. It alone comes from a now forgotten world and it no longer exists above water. A center of knowledge, magic, study, and meditation the city barely managed to survive the onslaught of ocean water when it was “re-ordered” to a mid-water plateau. A quick thinking mage put up magic to protect the city, but it now must take steps to survive its new location and make due with its situation, something it is achieving admirably.