Monster Primer #5: Archdevils

Holding sway over half of the Divine Sanctuaries are malevolent gods and dark fiends. Originally the Hells comprised of only a portion of these sanctuaries but their size has expanded greatly since the fall of Mephistopheles. The Tyrant of the Hells once ruled over a multitude of minor sanctuaries, ruling as both archdevil and god before his top generals and barons turned against him. In secret they were able to illicit contracts from countless mortals and undermine the clergy that worshiped Mephistophiles. When the time was right 13 of them fought and killed the deity, though 4 were lost that day. Now those who remain rule over the 9 Circles of Hell, nine unique sanctuaries ruled over by newly ascended Archdevils and fledgling gods.


The overthrowing of Mephistopheles never would have happened without the work of Azazel who is the Lord of Contracts. Under the nose of the Tyrant Lord, he went between all the other generals and discovered who was unhappy and willing to not only see new leadership but enact what it would take. In the process Azazel was able to garner 13 Lords and Ladies to contribute with those who survived getting equal power over the Hells. While the power split among the 9 remaining Archdevils is equal and their power over the changes made to the Hells is too, many sages would put Azazel at the top of the chain as ringleader of the whole shift in power.


The Lady Of Torment, Batibat is an Archdevil with mastery over dream magic. She is capable of finding mortal dreams, playing upon them, and getting mortals to sign contracts without them ever waking up. More than that Batibat seeds the desires and ambitions of selfish mortals. Often those who need a small nudge to evil wake up knowing the right ritual to summon a devil to aid them. All thanks to Batibat.


Lord of Conquest, Belial is responsible for providing the main armies which held Mephistopheles’ forces at bay while the others brought battle to the Tyrant himself. In the aftermath Belial has maintained a strong presence in the Hells and is said to be its backbone. Few Archdevils would dare break contract simply fearing the superior forces of Belial.


Calypso, The Fallen Lady, is a dark goddess who once held court in the lighter Divine Sanctuaries before being spurned and abandoned. Making her way through the hells she gained a following and became a creature of vengeance. She is the only Archdevil who is not considered evil. Her cult is much too inclined to embrace perseverance and new life, though this is often self-centered.


Mother of Beasts, Lady of Creation, Lamashtu. This Archdevil is a master of making new and strange creatures, not the least of which aren’t even fiends. Those who renege on her contracts find themselves changed forever. It is said that many of the unique monstrosities that dot the multiverse, especially those unique to existence, were made from those who wronged her.


Lady of Truth, Lillith was a divine creature before the ethics of mortals began more fully influencing and dividing these cosmic powers. Never has she given up providing truth to her followers but the rage of those who would keep her quiet has slowly eaten at her, allowing her to embrace a seat at the head of the Hells even as she tries to act to undermine the others and those self-righteous beings too far from this side of the Sanctuaries.


Azazel is a master of negotiation and can garner riches beyond one’s wildest dreams, but it is Mammon the Lord of Coin who truly inspires gluttony among rich nobles. It is said that not even the gods of dragonkind can match the need for wealth that Mammon has and he exclusively signs contracts that give him more. On those occasions where money does not trade hands, his contract include some other form of gluttony and his corpulent body grows upon its bed of coin.


Paimon is the Lord of Secrets and would-be lover of Lillith. While not giving out the truth as much as his infatuation, he will offer secrets to those who can pay well enough. Often he prefers trading knowledge for knowledge. In his arrogance, however, Paimon has yet to discover the true darkness of Lillith as she undermines the larger goals of the Hells. Nor would he believe such of she who he would wed.


The Lord of Change, Zhuanyi is the most chaotic of Archdevils. Obeying the forces of cosmic law that are held within contractual obligation, Zhuanyi nevertheless commits himself to chaos and entropy. There is no rhyme or reason to the contracts he seeks out or commits to. At best these will clearly cause trouble and upset whatever status quo is there. The great dragon agreed to taking part in overthrowing the Tyrant because it disrupted the cosmic order and gave chaos a seat in the Sanctuaries where order tends to dominate.

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