Planar Primer #7: Faerie Realms

There is a place that, in some places, echoes the worlds of the material plane. In hidden places, twilight woodlands, and among ancient stone rings one might accidentally find themselves transported into a world both beautiful and terrifying. This is a place of primordial, immortal beings and the manifestation of desire and imagination. It is the Realms of Faerie.

Great Refuges Of War

At first Faerie was a refuge built by titans who saw war with the god coming and could not stop it. It is built not from elements like fire or earth, but the raw magical power that is all elements undefined. Magic suffuses the Fey Refuges like heat fills a fire. It is a part of everything and everything is a part of it. The building of this place created the wildest, strongest animals and plants providing limitless resources for the creatures that were able to make it into Faerie before the War for Everything broke out. Since then, the inhabitants of the place have become as distant from their elemental heritage as the plane has from the material. These fey are mysterious, uncanny, and ancient. Some of the worst fables are based around fey lords or ladies whose cares are strange to elementals, immortal, and mortal alike.

The Thing of Imagination

The Fey Refuges were not made by simple means. Nor were they birthed of the powerful belief. The Faerie Realms were built out of necessity. More than that they were built from hope. Hope that some would survive the War for Everything. Hope that elementals of the titans and mortals beholden to gods might be able to work together. Within elementals found refuge and so did a few young mortal lineages, all because of what they imagined could be. Faerie is a place born of hope and imagination, made from pure magic. As such imagination causes it to grow and is often the basis for the choices of powers within. More than that imagination continues to influence it from the other planes, especially the mortal world. Stories, tales, and dreams all contribute to the Faerie Realms and you can find access to it in The Dreamrealms and the Material Plane if you know where to look.

Ciphaer, Realm of Machine Magic

Many worlds and cultures have developed advanced technologies. The magical technology of ancient Kairellans, the biomechanical things of the Ancients, and even the crystalline magics of the mikkom. In these places and among these things, many forget the wonders of the natural world and the magic which originally infused Faerie. Stories die but so too are they born. In the most advanced places new wonders of the imagination and dark terrors of potential replace old fables. These have power and in the darkest, hidden corners of the Fey Refuges are entrances into a region known as Ciphaer. A place both one with Faerie and a thing apart, Ciphaer is the place of internet horrors, artificial intelligences, and souls created by self awareness and mortal imagination rather than godly connection. It is a strange place with unique magics and terrifying monsters that no immortal would dare create.

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