Butchers Among Us #5

Session 5

Last time….

*note this campaign features demons, blood, and occasional gore*


The party is back to sea, on course with their new friend Orin to find out what adventure awaits them on the frontier edge of the Dragon Song Empire. Not everything is as it should be, however. For many days 42 sits in meditation against the ships main mast. He does not speak or move, just maintainins a silent sitting position.

In the mean time Usagi makes herself useful in the crows nest, taking shifts as the days go by. Orin utilizes some magic to help Bosun Camilla Birchwald in exchange for help translating some of the recovered cult journal. Camilla, a changeling, is able to read the sylvan script and together they learn that the tiefling was not working for any demonic cult. Instead the demonic cults popping up were something he saught to take advantage of, redirecting their energies into work for his mistress: The Lady of Blood and Iron. While interesting and informative, the meaning behind the information in that journal remain a mystery.

Days later, with a crack like thunder, 42 stirs. Sandstone falls to dust and pebble around him and a new darker stone seems to take its place. Moreover his form has changed and forming itself in one shoulder is the relief of a cog in which lies the pattern of a spider’s web. This is the symbol of Uq’borh goddess of engineers and pathways. With the change 42 seems bent on living in the moment which is just one step on the road to whatever may come. He has no more idea of where he is going but seems much more at peace with it.

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A Storm & Sahuagin

As the ship nears the Merishem Quagmire, the large swampy delta that leads to the next course of their trip, Horizon and the crew are prepared for sahuagin pirates. What they don’t expect is a concerted attack involving pet crustaceans and animated shark-tooth constructs. While heroes and crew fight back these monsters, they are unable to stop the fathom priests from conjuring a storm to bring the ship down.

As the crew evacuates the ship, Orin breaks open the elemental gem recieved from cleansing the ancient shrine near Brineshear. Convincing the water elemental to help, the ship is brought into the swamp with enough control to keep it from being destroyed but that will still leave everyone the problem of reaquiring it and getting it back to sea. If the survive, that is.

Little Choice

With the storm growing the small boats are forced quickly into the trees and brush of the marsh, flooding and capsizing along the way. Only 42 managed to keep himself concious but what he finds on land is nothing good. Sahuagin capture the group who is forced to speak with their Baron: Gotho Wraithscale.

Sahuagin baron from the 4th Edition Monster Manual by WotC

It appears that the Wraithscale have been under attack during the conjuring of the storm and much of their village has been destroyed. The cause? A rival group of demon-whorshipping sahuagin who have gone against their goddess. Blaming the import of demon-idols and other such things, Baron Wraithscale provides little option to the three heroes. Hunt down the demon cult and bring the head of their leader to him or allow the other crew members to be killed and sacrificed.

With little choice and not knowing how many have been captured by which force or even how many live, the three begin their trek into the Merishem Quagmire to see what they can do. A question remains, is another blood worshipping demon cult a mere coincidence or are they getting caught up in something bigger??

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