3 Hauntings To Spook Your Players

Hello everyone. Just to get it out of the way, yes I do know the click-baity title style. It is on purpose. I mean, it gets the point of this article across very simply by describing exactly what it is and (as click-baity stuff does) hopefully draws you here. Regardless, this new monthly entry to The Notes of the Wandering Alchemist is intended to spark some ideas for Game Masters. I know tables like these have helped me come up with stuff in the past and it is my hope that these will do the same for you.

One of the foundational concepts that pops up in folklore is the ghost story. In fantasy these stories show up regularly. Here are three hauntings to seed into your game.

  • The wide-eyed ghost of a nobleman sometimes appears in the city where he died, pointing just beyond the person he appears to. Within a week that individual witnesses someone die. Does the ghost bring a warning or a curse?
  • The old building was once an orphanage but that was many ages ago. Still, the elven woman who spent decades caring for children and helping them remains. This ghost appears to or possesses adventurers exploring the site to help them when they’re having trouble, showing them secret doors or catching them when they fall.
  • In the dungeon is a complex, many stepped puzzle full of false leads and red herrings. The bones of those who failed to solve it litter the floor. The ghost of one wizard remains unable to leave until the puzzle has been solved. They might help solve the problem or, if the become impatient, possess the adventurers to make a new attempt.

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Images used for the Lists are found on Pixabay and used under the CC0 licence.

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