Monster Primer #4: Gods & Titans

While there are dozens of different powers throughout the cosmos, most can be labeled in one of two categories. First there are the gods who gain most, if not all, their power from belief and the faith of their followers. Second are the titans born out primordial power itself as a natural response to the unnatural. For countless ages the two have been at odds and the gods have kept titans imprisoned for almost as long, but all this is just a piece to a complex puzzle.

Birth of the Titans

Titans were the first beings of power, forged from the elemental stuff of the primordial cosmos. In that stuff, the alien things of the void had begun to take root and manipulate the universe. The cosmos responded with the birth of the first titans. They were the original sentient beings in the cosmos, a natural evolution of fire, water, and more. All to combat the influence of the void. In time they created yet more beings which would have sentience and free will. Genies, mephits, giants, and more ruled over towns, cities, and kingdoms in the early universe. Power and creation were the backbone of existence and the void was its only enemy.

Dawn of the Gods

As time moved forward and empires of elemental creatures spread across existence, the titans began to become forgotten and unknown. While they persisted in their creations and fight against the void, there creations began to develop cults of worship. At first they had fealty to cosmic forces and the realities of existence but those would become personified. The most vehemently worships concepts gave birth to actual divinities, created from the belief that they were real into actual existence. These were the first gods.

The War For Everything

Even as the void continued to undermine everything about reality, a rift formed between the titans and the gods. Untempered hubris and arrogance caused the sides to claim rightful ownership over existence. While some wished peace, there were too few of these voices to make a difference. In the end, war broke out between the elemental titans and the immortal gods. This war ravaged to cosmos and destroyed countless worlds, creating the planar alignment known today.

The Cosmology Today

In the aftermath of the war elemental worlds became a writhing maelstrom of elemental planes. Among endless landscapes of fire, water, sky, and earth are imprisoned titans, defeated by the faith-fueled gods of the war. At the center of this is a bottomless pit, the Abyss which embodies chaos. Neither god nor titan who are taken by the Endless Pits can resist becoming slowly twisted into demon lords who would rather see everything destroyed. Above it all lies the ever-growing disc of the Divine Sanctuaries where gods old and new hold court for the souls of those followers who have died. Above that, the Astral Sea, in which sits thousands of stars with countless worlds, full of mortals to draw power from. Now the titans seethe in prisons, driven mad and waiting for the moment to exact revenge on the gods. The gods have long forgotten why the war happened but believe the titans to be sinister creatures that can never be freed. All the while only the mortals are awakening to the growing threat of the void and their growing psionic abilities might not be enough to save existence.

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