Butchers Among Us #4

Session 4

Last time….

*note this campaign features demons, blood, and occasional gore*

To Catch A Demon-Bird

It is early morning, just after dawn. Usagi as retrieved a magical harpoon from the saved Hogar. Horizon, with some convincing by Orin, has joined the party. The group is equipped with cultist robes and making their way to the ritual site of the previous day. Things have since changed.

Over night, it seems the bird has decided to make itself a second nest, perhaps a new nest. At the site jagged spines of rusting iron protrude and from them are the bodies of cultists. The once familiar forms seem to have been rotting…for days. But there are no bugs, no flies, no crows. There is only the dark stench of death and necromancy about. Blood coats everything and leaks from the decayed bodies as if they bleed fresh. The sight is loathsome to behold.

The shrike has a new nest but is not there and, so, the plan changes. Usagi, Horizon, and Orin hide for an ambush while 42 steps up and makes himself bait. The demon is drawn in quickly and thirsty for blood. Thanks to some quick work by all and the magical harpoon keeping the demon from flying away too quickly, the group destroys the fiend. In the aftermath the group is left to wonder why…

Cleansing The Site

Orin gathers up the necklace, cold to the touch and mystical in design, to try and discover its properties. In the intervening time the others break down the spikes and dispose of the corpses. While not a proper consecration of the ancient site, the current goddess of the sea respects the old ways and a breeze wipes away the remaining blood stains and gifts the party with a couple of minor magical items. From here the group leaves, quite satisfied but still without answers.

Questions Beget Questions

That night Orin takes it upon themselves to continue study of their book, as usual, but this night is different. The corvus is visited by what can only be their patron entity. The woman speaks of answers, questions, curiosity. When asked for information she offers only riddles, claiming that answers are useless and mean nothing. An answer is an end to seeking. The true power comes with the additional questions raised by an answered inquiry and advises her patron to focus on those instead.

Is this her answer? Is it a strange avoidance of answering? Orin is left to ponder this for but a moment before she leaves them what she believes is the true important information. She answers their question with two more.

What is the Riven Autumn?

Why does the blood god stir?

Troubled by these not in the least, only curious, Orin asks the tiefling the latter question later on. The only answer received is why indeed?

Being Watched

In the meantime, 42 takes up his slumbering hours standing watch over the prisoner alongside two of Dockmaster Waystes’ men. Unbeknownst to them some strange winged creature pops into reality around them. In a brief moment it has paid great attention to 42 and witnessed him. A mechanical voice announces that the mechanical being known as 42 has been found and is marked for observation. What this means, what it will mean remains a mystery.

Tomorrow the group leaves once again, all of them back on their way to the frontier to make their way in a place of opportunity!

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