Dragon Song Empire Primer #3

79th Chosen of the Dragon Song Empire

Empress Tholvi Gatekeeper

The young half-elf shocked everyone when the Song Dragons selected her. She is not the first of elven descent, nor is she the youngest to ever be granted the seat. However, she is the first outsider to ever be given so high a position, an especially shocking choice given virtually no experience in Empire governance. Nevertheless as the daughter of refugees from one of the last families of ancient Thysurra the Empire is her home. Some see the choice as an embracing of continued interaction with the outside world. Others see it as a mistake, the last straw in a way of life changing too fast and risking brining that which destroyed other kingdoms into Dragon Song.

Her Royalty’s Grand Symphos

  • Soprate (the idealist) Halgrin Tensilber is a male tuzagri from the Frog Province
  • Altus (the optimist)  Dirika Durthane is a female dwarf from the Ox Province
  • Tenor (the pragmatist) Shava-luz is a non-binary tiefling from the Ant Province
  • Baritus (the pessimist) Sora Goldhammer is a male lionfolk of the Dragonfly Province
  • Basate (the realist) Lian Bo is a female human of the Carp Province

Example Province: Carp

The Carp Province is represented by the Calico Koi of Resolve. While not as industrious as the Ant Province, the Carp are highly regarded workers and skilled craftsmen. River running is one the primary jobs held by the Carp whose province contains much of the rivers of the western part of the Empire. Among the most notable crafts within the province are the Silkspinners who hold large farms of silk moth larvae and whose druids weave the silk into cloth sought by millions.

While not the best fishing spots these rivers do provide a wealth of nutrients for the surrounding countryside. In return for food, many Carp become protectors of the province and its neighbors. More than that their warriors wield twin shields with razor sharp edges, usable as offense and defense. These hearty warriors act as the nation’s defense backbone and within Carp lands are some of the most highly regarded training facilities for all styles of combat.

Notable Carp

Arium Terandor Trueblood is, for the most part, as traditional a dwarf as they come. He is also among the eldest of those in the whole Empire. For over 20 chosen has he lived, training generations of ferrymen and defenders. For the most part the man is retired, but do not tell him that, for he takes his part in teaching the young very seriously. When not forced to engage in politics and make decisions he allows his Symphos to do much of the work and spends his days on boats and in various martial camps. In true dwarven fashion he causes as much trouble as he puts down, however. Despite his age.

Soprate to Arium Trueblood is a woman named Symphony, an irony not lost on the nephilim woman. Terse and often short tempered, traits that Trueblood relishes in, she is also a hopeless idealist, something that makes her more than perfect for the position of soprate. It is, perhaps, she who the Arium trusts most among the Carp Symphos due to this combination and she who he sends on missions to the Empress when needed. It also helps that she is born of silk farmers of Silkmeadow in the northern reaches of the province and insists on maintaining her house in that humble land.

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