Butchers Among Us #1

I want to try something new: session recaps. I have done them in the past, for myself, and they were very helpful. With one campaign just started and another coming, combined with the (now) weekly setting primers, I wanted to share even more with everyone. So here we are. I hope you enjoy these and I cannot promise they will continue. Oh and they certainly won’t be clean and well-edited.

Our Heroes

We begin with but two of the three heroes who will join us on our journey. The first is a tuzagri, one of the rabbitfolk of the Dragon Song Empire. Her name is Usagi Thistlemouse, given to her by the monks of the Way of the Cleansing Rain who raised her. Her master, Kioshi Moonspark, still calls her little rabbit. At home sneaking off to the nearby city and a minor troublemaker in the stuffy temple, Usagi followed the custom of her people (traveling to find their place in the world) a little late. Young and optimistic, she is eager to see the world.

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The second of our heroes is a strange man made of mostly of metal, unique to this world. Found after an indeterminable time and eventually discovered to be a living being, 42 was awoken by a kindly mage who helped him begin a journey of discovery. With still so little of his past known, many simple things lost to his knowledge, but some things certain in his mind 42 seeks his origins and meaning in this new world.

The Harmony Luck

Meeting in a port town these two share similar goals: find companions and head to the eastern frontier of the Dragon Song Empire. There is no passage to Kheprishet for most of the year due to storms and an alternate route as long as that season, but that will not stop trade. A route is being forged and adventurers are needed to forge this path. Such opportunity has attracted many and both our heroes are headed that way.

After a couple weeks together, the two find passage in exchange for work on the Imperial Merchant Ship Harmony Luck. A naraquiz named Horizon captains the ship and welcomes the help. Especially once skeletons climb aboard at dusk on the 6th evening. Pulling a crewman over board, Usagi keeps an eye on them from the crow’s nest and 42 makes quick work of rope to save the crewman before engaging the undead.

From Lluis Abadias‘ Void Tiefling

Amidst the battle a floating and robed skeleton appears above deck. Its incorporeal form is laden with blood and leaves a trail in its wake. Our heroes and the crew manage to defeat the skeletons and the robed specter disappears. In waters where sahuagin are normally a problem, undead worry the crew but they still find time to celebrate success. However, a large (maybe haunted) bloodstain and the weight of the encounter drive the captain to take respite in the city of Brineshear before continuing. In the aftermath Usagi spots something strange this far from shore: an owl that disappears in the moment she looks away.


It is close to midnight when the ship docks and the dockmaster, Temperance Waystes (a nephilim), is not thrilled with being forced to work at so late an hour. This becomes doubly true when the docks are attacked by undead again. This time they must combat the specter and Usagi makes a close brush with death, but in the end are victorious.

While worried that the ship might be haunted, our two friends head towards the Good Frog Pub where Temperance spends her nights trying to relax. Here they discover that unusual problems have been occurring to fishing ships out of Brineshear lately. Undead are new to her, but not as surprising as they might be otherwise. Also at the bar is a white-grey dragonborn, the Deacon Balazar Gravesong.

By chateaugrief on DeviantArt

As lead priest of the region he attends to blessings of safe travels on water and funeral rights for lost fishermen. But the troubles has led him to depression and heavy drinking, unable to reassure the town or learn anything from the gods he worships. When speaking to him, he claims to even have begged the Cholahmbur, Phantom Prior, a god of ghosts and the past, for information. But there was no result.

During this conversation it is 42 who notices not only an owl outside the window, but a sparrow upon his shoulder. Upon pointing it out to his companion and the deacon, they disappear and neither see the birds. Their appearance, however, sobers up Deacon Gravesong and he rushes out of the bar urging the two to meet up at his temple the following day.

As Horizon enters the bar, we learn that Temperance is local drinking contest champ and the captain is the only one who has ever been confirmed to defeat her. Usagi stirs up a competition while volunteering her mechanical friend, of course.

It is from there that we will pick up our next session…

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