Workshop Codename: Empire of Stars & Wind

Okay folks, this is one I definitely remember the source of. It was on a Twitter thread / fad where one of those tables with your birth month, birth day, and letter of your first name type of things was going around. Pretty sure the specific type was that of the young adult novel your the main character of or something to that effect. Now most of the time I get crappy results on these things but one of my Twitter mutuals got the result above: The Empire of Stars & Wind. Reading this I immediately had an idea and that idea is what we are going to explore today.

Stellar Empire

Friends, we are going full science fantasy / Spelljammer on this thing. My mind immediately pictured the solar sailing ships from Attack of the Clones and that one DS9 episode. I imagined a vast fleet of massive ships flying through space on sails of golden cloth. With this came the thought of a nomadic people traveling with the solar winds based out of city-ships that held orbit in stars to replenish materials before moving on to the next. Among the various and interesting ships and peoples that inhabit the Astral Sea of a fantasy world or the galaxies of a science fiction universe, this image should fit right at home. For my part I want to tread on the thin line of both in the likes of a Spelljammer universe.

Dooku’s Ship from Attack of the Clones

Solar Dwarves

One thing that cropped up in my imaginings of such an empire was who would be within it. Travelling around the universe on solar ships would mean all kinds of different folk. You might find gith, elves, humans, giff, or halflings. But the question remains where did this empire start, what people(s) sit at its core?? Dwarves of course!

I say of course, but let’s be honest that might not be your first thought. Hear me out though! Dwarves have a unique affinity with craftsmanship, mechanics, stone, and metal. When it comes down to it they are the engineers and experts on cosmological process. At least the terrestrial ones. Elves may have been a more obvious choice but I think those guys get too much time at the table doing things like spinning metallic threads and utilizing celestial bodies for magic.

Bajoran ship from Deep Space 9

Having dwarves aspire to exploring the moon and, upon realizing the wealth of resources in comets and asteroids along with all the other magical metals that might be out there, seems far more interesting to me. I see no reason they would be unable to spin golden silks from which to make the sails. Hells, I even like the idea that they worked with an elven people to make this happen. Maybe the Empire of today is a mixture of elven and dwarven bloodlines into something unique!

Where To Go From Here…

Honestly I am not sure what more to add here. There is no reason to get too wild with this, it is just a workshop entry after all. Personally I think I will be adding this empire to my setting, and that means some major names and locations…well ships I guess since they’re mostly nomadic. Alongside this would be stats and specifics of course. So let’s ask some questions of this empire.

  • What resources do they hunt down?
  • What resources do they need from others?
  • What crafts are the specialized in aside solar sailing?
  • How ancient is the line?
  • What is the ruling structure like?
  • Do they have any enemies?

This is a really good start. We have a foundation to work with from which an number of forms could develop. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts in the comments below!!

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