A Paradigm Shift

Friends, patrons, followers, lurkers, and other gentlebeings. It is time to talk about another shift in what is going down here. I need you to know that I thank you all and I know some of you have seen this coming. I have hinted or mentioned it a couple times….Boy that sounds ominous. It’s really not, though. The fact of the matter is that most of these changes have already taken place…some more than once if we want to be really honest. Nevertheless this all bears talking about.

First off, let’s talk about the things that are missing and have been missing. Podcasts. Streams. The Untamed Forge. These are work guys. You know it. We know it. We tried time and again to work out how to do these but when it comes down to it there are serious hurdles. This becomes especially true when time is being fought for between them and producing useful articles and products AND playing games in general. For now, these are all on hiatus. I want to bring them back, especially the Untamed Rant and the Untamed Forge. But I have to admit to myself that if I try then the other things I HAVE been doing will suffer without being able to promise anything out of either.

Next let’s just mention real quick that those in the works projects I have mentioned over the months are still in my lists but obviously priorities change. Some are easier than others. Some are just begging my hands to type them. Others are the types of project that you file away and pick back up in a year and finally get that direction and confidence in again enough to push to the next step. Regardless there is a list still and one I am better organised about, I just haven’t mentioned it because well….*gestures at the wall of text you’re in the middle of reading*.

All that being said let’s talk about what IS happening here. Writing. Content. Stats. Fluff. Superheroes. Spells. Weird lists of random ghosts haunting weird things for strange reasons to throw your players for a loop.

This year I have focused on 3 major articles: The (renewed) Libris Monstrum, the Worskhop, and the Year of 4E. Each article releases once a month and you folks get them a couple days ahead of time. In the past couple months I have also tried bringing reviews back into the mix but I am still not actively looking (well except for one or two very pertinent to me books) but instead choosing 1 each month to due based on happenstance or Kickstarters I get in the mail. I hope to continue this trend throughout most months to come. The Game Master’s Dictionary has also become a mainstay (it is helpful for me as much as it might be for any of you). Moreover I have been releasing lore articles (which patrons get 5 days ahead of the public) and Patrons get exclusive mechanical entries into my setting every other week. This includes a lot of races/subraces but there is also a monk subclass and come background coming!

So what have patrons been getting?

  • Early access to stuff.
  • Exclusive drafts of projects.
  • Mechanical drafts of home brew setting material.
  • Dice regularly dependent on pledge level

What more can we do with that? That is what I have been asking myself. I want to give you guys more tangible things for helping me out. I want to be able to focus on product and not just a whole lot of stuff I wish I had more time to do right. So where does that leave us? Some of these things have already been started for patrons but some are still to come!

  • Free copy of Lovecraftian Spells for 5E
  • Free copies of other DTRPG products at the $3+ level
  • DMs Guild products discounted by 50% or as low as 10 cents
  • DTRPG products discounted for lower tier patrons
  • Exclusive mechanical add-ons to future articles

I have been working hard on pumping out some product, focusing currently on Spells of Old and my homebrew. That being said a fuller beta of It Starts With A Storm is coming and I am looking to produce 1 product a month (on average). I also have two new articles starting up this fall.

The first is a 10s list (remember those ghosts I mentioned). Each month I will have a random set of ten scenarios, items, or places that fit around a theme. The blog will see 3 of those 10 while patrons will get the full list. My goal is to elaborate upon the lists to create 1-2 page sheets of information (such as names, NPCs, and stats) for these things to be more readily used at the table. That’s one more fun project to add to the publishing list which patrons will get at a discount or free depending on tier and my final decisions on patron reward specifications.

The second article is the (working title) Librum Bestias Imparum. The Tome of Odd Beasts. This will take a cue from the Libris Monstrum but focus on totally real wild organisms that exist in our world (or once did). It will look into interesting creatures, creatures with strange habits, or just outright wild beasts that belong in the monster manual. Patrons will exclusively get the written stat blocks for those, while the Libris Monstrum stat blocks will continue to appear within the blog version for everyone.

Finally those lore articles are practically writing themselves and, while I know they are rough first drafts, I am pumping out a lot of them. As such I will be releasing them weekly now instead of every other week.

The TL;DR is that I am slowing down to speed up. The focus is creation and playing games with my friends (even if that includes the stuff I am making). Streams are out. Actual plays are out. Podcasts are on hiatus. Two new article are on the way and each includes patron exclusive extras. A more thorough and explained free/discount system for patron tiers is coming including a reorganization on how to get access to those. My goal is to make sure the money patrons are providing is worth more bu creating more and rewarding them more by adding on some exclusive things and making sure I produce more free/discount content. The Patreon page will change accordingly over the next 3-6 weeks. Stay tuned for the follow up post then!

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