Mini-Review: Deck of Many Animated Things

Today I want to take a quick moment to share my thoughts on a Kickstarter product I got in the mail a few weeks ago. It was just one of many reward choices and, honestly, the one that sold me. You can preorder the animated set over here and they have lots to offer besides!

The Product

This is a tarot sized deck of cards, 23 in total, to be used at the table. The design of the card is simple, as befits a tarot deck. There is a border design, a specific title space, very readable font, and an image for each card. There is a unified backing so it can be shuffled and drawn from. The art is astounding throughout, gorgeous pieces one and all.

Moreover, the animated aspect is both clever and nostalgic. I remember bookmarks and similar objects back in elementary school. You might recall the ones…where you have that ever so slightly ridged surface in one direction and when you shift the object the image appears to move. Tarot card images are perfect for these kind of things and I love the way these turned out.


As beautiful as the cards are, we need to talk about if they are usable. They are thicker than normal cards and made out of a study material. I cannot say as to if they are completely plastic/vinyl (?) but they seem quite resilient and I imagine they would resist the odd drink spill better than even normal playing cards tend to. Despite this, they are quite flexible. Bending them far enough would surely ruin the card, but I have no stress about their ability to be shuffled which was one of my worries when I backed the Kickstarter.

All in all they are of a perfect size and weight, the thickness maybe even making them easier to shuffle given the small deck size. These are a perfect prop at the table for the deck of many things, or to be used as a simple tarot without the cursed magic associated with that thing. If you do want to use it for the magical item, they have included a little rule book. This contains instructions for utilizing the magic of the deck and each page has one of the cards. Those pages include both picture of the card and its rules so you need not break out the DMG whenever a card is drawn. What more could you ask for?

The TL;DR is that this deck is incredible and I am so happy I backed it. The art is so good that I might grab another deck that isn’t animated. Hells I might grab 2 so that if one of my online games finds a deck (cue crash of lightning and evil laughter) I can mail them a physical copy. The delay of resolution would be 1000000% worth the anticipation and making them open an envelope while playing would be fantastic. You guys should definitely check out the products they have over there, their products are well worth the price tags!

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